Film processing and scanning


All film is processed in our dip and dunk E6 or C41 processors or hand processed (black and white). The film is then scanned by our skilled operators, then passed on to a final colour correction station for the most professional results.

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Turnaround times

Process and scan: 5 working days Rush Rate available upon request.
Process only: E6 Tuesdays and Friday in by noon. C41 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in by noon. Black and white Tuesdays in by 9.30 that morning.

Low res = 3-4.5mb scans
Medium res = 12-18mb scans
High res = 30-45mb scans

Higher resolutions scans can be made upon request.


Frequently Asked Questions


What about other formats of film?

We’ve never met a film format we didn’t love. Call us for pricing on unusual film sites. Phone +61 8 8431 6755. Download order form HERE.

What is push (and pull) processing?

Push and pull processing involves giving film extra or less developing. It is used for several reasons, predominantly because you exposed your film differently than the manufacturer intended.  For example, you used a iso 100 film at iso 400, this means you under exposed each photo by 2 stops. If you inform us, we can over develop the film (push process) by 2 stops. Push processing can alter the quality of your images, typically distorting colour and grain. Push processing of less than 2 stops is pretty harmless. What does all this mean...? You could take a ISO 6400 film and expose it as a ISO 25,600!


I need a couple of rolls pushed, can you do that?

Of course! Extra $1 per roll for special processing such as Push/Pull process or clip test. Simply mark the rolls you want and what you need from them.

How long will my job take? Can you rush?

Standard service time is 3 working days plus postage time. However, we know things sometimes get urgent. We are a pro lab who have been dealing with the ‘I need it yesterday’ since 1936. If you require urgent processing and scan, please contact us and we can quote any additional rush rates.

What kind of scanners do you use?

We offer both S4 Noritsu and Frontier Fuji SP3000. We also have a Kodak HR500 available for a more traditional 'enlarger printed' look. For larger format film, we use an Imacon Flextight, and an Epson V700.

Can you colour match my digital files?

Yes. We can match your digital files to your film, and also convert colour to black and white to match in with your black and white films. Just send in your digital files when you send in the film, and we will colour balance it all to match. This works really well with wedding photography, as many shooters like to include some film in their coverage. The cost of adjusting your files to match: For more than 20 digital image files, RAW format $0.50each, jpeg $0.30each.

What is chromagenic black and white?

In the late 1990s, Ilford and Kodak produced black and white film designed to go through colour C41 chemistry. It was criticised as being a bit flat and inflexible. However it did gain a fan base because processing was cheaper and more consistent then typical hand processed black and white, and most importantly Digital ICE dust removal software works with it where it cannot be used in traditional black and white. The two main chromagenic film types around are: Ilford XP2 and Kodak TCN400. Atkins can process and scan chromagenic film.