Sight For All "RED"- 2016 Terms and Conditions

Please read this carefully, the rules will be applied to all entries.

These terms and conditions apply to the 2016 Sight For All photographic challenge.

  1. Registration will open October 13th 2016, 11am Australian Central Time.
  2. Registration will close  October 15th, 12 midnight Australian Central Time..
  3. Registration must be completed using the Atkins website.
  4. $30 fee per entry must be paid when you register each image.
  5. Entry images must be submitted by October 15th, 12 midnight.
  6. Entries must be made from image(s) taken on World Sight Day, October 13th 2016
  7. Entries must be Jpeg files at least 2500 pixels on the long edge.
  8. Entries must be named the entrant's name, e.g. John Smith.jpg.
  9. Registered Entrants upload their entries using the Atkins Uploader.
  10. The judges can reject any entry for any reason.
  11. Entries will be assessed by a panel of experienced judges on artistic and story telling merit with the theme of RED in mind.
  12. If the subject is a person or persons, entrants must obtain a model release from the subject(s) photographed in their entry image, and the subject must be informed of the challenge, and how the image may be used.
  13. If your entry is selected for the exhibition, you may be asked to provide RAW files or source files to assess the capture time.
  14. If your entry is selected for the exhibition, Atkins will print, mount, and hang your work at the Adelaide Festival Theatre from November 29th 2016.
  15. First prize will be $5000 cash (AUD) from Optos, A Nikon Company.
  16. Entries will be available for sale.
  17. Entrants retain full copyright of their entries, by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Atkins, Sight For All, Optos, A Nikon Company, reserves the right to utilise the entrants images to promote this challenge.
  18. Sight For All does reserve the right to fundraise from entrants' images through the sale of prints made during the calendar year beginning November 1 2016.
  19. At the closing of the final exhibition at the Adelaide Airport, entrants may pick up their printed mounted entry from Atkins (89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town, SA, 5067). Atkins will store the entry for four weeks, after which it may be destroyed.
  20. Entrants needing their exhibition print freighted to them will be responsible for the cost of the packing, for the freight and any insurance required. Atkins will not be responsible for loss or damage by the freight company.
  21. The organisers encourage the promotion and sharing of this event using social media. When doing so, please use the hashtag #sightforall.
  22. Atkins, Sight For All, Optos, A Nikon Company, will not pursue any copyrite breech of any entries, legally or otherwise,
  23. By entering you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.
  24. Atkins and Sight For All reserves the right to make any changes to these rules.