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We are so excited to be partnered with the magical team at Pic-Time. This page is a good spot to see the range we are currently offering with Pic-Time and for general FAQ. Also, Pic-Time does have different names for products in our range. We will go through those here too.

If you haven't already had a look at the glory of Pic-Time, head over there now.


Atkins products offered on Pic-Time

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Pic-Time and Atkins FAQ


Are packages marked with anything identifying Atkins?

No, all items are shipped to your client with no identifying marking, the from address is Photo Lab and a PO BOX that can't be linked back to us. Everything is wrapped in plain packaging.

Are the prices listed on Pic-Time the same as I would pay direct through Atkins?


I'm having trouble working Pic-Time out and setting it up, can you please help!?

We really can't, all questions about how to work with Pic-Time need to go to their very friendly help contact. It's on the bottom right of the page when you are logged into Pic-Time.

Can we personalise the packaging to my branding?

Not at this time.

What album covers can I get?

Not all our album cover options are available at this point.

Can I get translucent pages for albums through Pic-Time?

Not at this time.

I want to know the brand names and other specs of your paper types.

Sure, you can find all that on this link.


I want to track the progress of my order through the lab etc, can I?

No, sorry. Not at this time.

Frame package, the size is referring to the image size or the outside frame size? Atkins does image size, what does Pic-Time do?

Frame size is the internal size of the frame (including the white border), so the frame is not included. 

What is the white border size around framed prints?

5x7 , 2:3 layout, photo size: 4.8x3.2"
5x7  3:4 layout, photo size: 4.8x3.6"
8x10" , 2:3 layout, photo size: 6.7x4.5"
8x10"  square layout, photo size: 5x5"
8x10"  3:4 layout, photo size: 6.7x5"
10x10 square layout, photo size: 6x6"
11x14" , 2:3 layout, photo size: 9.7x6.4"
11x14"  square layout, photo size: 7.1x7.1"
11x14"  3:4 layout, photo size: 9.2x6.9"
12x18" , 2:3 layout, photo size: 10.1x6.7"
12x18"  square layout, photo size: 8.3x8.3"
12x18"  3:4 layout, photo size: 9.7x7.2"
20x24" , 2:3 layout, photo size: 16.5x11"
20x24"  square layout, photo size: 11.8x11.8"
20x24"  3:4 layout, photo size: 15x11.2"