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Photography is film?

An interesting comment from one of the contestants of "Photo Finish", the ABC reality competition TV show. This episode involves the contestants shooting lo-fi with Lumo, Holga and Diana cameras. All three contestants enjoyed shooting film and the results were interesting. At the show wrap up, the winner stated "photography is film"...all three contestants seemed to have no experience in shooting film, but their day shooting film really inspired them. Can film really save itself? Will they keep shooting film?

I just returned from New York, and I chose to shoot medium format film. I had a blast. Working with the limits of aperture priority only, fixed iso, and manual focus was wonderful. The only restriction I experienced was iso, when I wanted to shoot in the subway. But for street work it was perfect.

What I loved mostly was the sense of importance I found myself putting on each shot. It really slowed me down, I was more considerate. I loved prefocusing and prejudging the aperture needed, it meant that when the camera was put to my eye I could shoot instantly without focus hunting or exposure consideration.

Is this a passing love affair for me...?

Well I know I am not getting 'married' to film, but it is an old love I cannot leave, I will continue to shoot it around using the D700, and perhaps until I can afford my M Leica digital which, rightly or wrongly, I am holding as my holy grail.

Back to the TV show "Photo Finish, It is doing a great job in promoting photography, printing and professionalism. What a great opportunity for our industry. Well worth watching.

We see quite about of Lumography shooters. Our film processing is kept quite busy with c41 (print film), e6 (slide film) and black and white at the moment. But I hope more people get married to film and enough have their affairs so we can keep processing it.