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Business Models notes - Summer School 2014

Value propositions....? Stuart Davis' Business Models session was well attended and set a challenge for attendees, perhaps too great a challenge for one morning.

Formally modelling your business and using these techniques to explore new business ideas is the best way to stretch out and grow your enterprise.

Stuart has provided these useful links to support his presentation:

Business Model Canvas –

Milkshake Story - Clayton Christensen -

Human Zoo (skip to 12mins) - Dr Carla Litchfield -

To download Stuart's presentation notes, click here.

Summer School Topic 5 - Wedding photography business models

©Photography by Dale. Winner of 2007 Adelaide's Best Wedding Photo. Friday, February 1st, 9.30am – 12.30pm - Wedding photography business models – The objective of this session is to compare the product based model, where clients receive albums and prints to the disk delivery model where clients receive all of the files on disk but no prints. It will be a carefully moderated session where each model can be discussed, costed and properly evaluated. Open discussion chaired by David Sievers.

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