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Spending Habits of Newly Engaged Couples

This little gem came from Deb Saunders via Facebook and it discusses a topic very important to wedding photographers. The research was done by Splendid Communications & Brides Magazine and is current-ish (up to 2011). We cannot confirm the sample size, they state the data is world-wide, and it appears to sit with our experience of the Australian market.

The research is available for purchase ($59) and might be worth a full read, this is a link to the purchase information.

Here a link to the summary article Deb provided from Rock N' Roll Bride.

Voting is open!

Voting is open in the Adelaide's Best Wedding Photograph competition. Head down to the Winter Bridal Ideas Expo at Ridley Centre, Royal Adelaide Showground this weekend (2 & 3 June 2012), 10am to 5pm to vote on the prints.

Alternatively, you can vote on-line here. Remember, one vote per person, and a lucky voter will win a $250 voucher from AtkinsTechnicolour.

Click here to vote. Click here to find out more about the competition. 


Adelaide's Best Wedding Photograph....

  Meg Hansen's winning pictureYes it is on again!

AtkinsTechnicolour is proud to announce the competition is off to a racing start, we have been receiving enquiries for the past month and it seems as though it will be as popular as it was last year (we had 51 entries!), we have our position booked in the Winter Bridal Fair at Wayville showgrounds, and a space ready in the Adelaide’s Brides’ Diary for the winner. 

So if you are a professional wedding photograhper and you think the public love your work, why not be a part of this great opportunity, let the public judge your work against other photographers.

Click here for more information.

Well done Megan Hansen for last year's winning entry pictured above.

Approaching weddings differently

  Simon Casson's Yellow Box

In the face of changing demands from wedding clients, Simon Casson has responded by opening up another service to capture the imagination of modern brides.

Simon's Yellowbox service sets about to simplify the process while keeping great photography at the core.

It's a great idea, there is always a market for simple elegance. Perhaps Simon has been inspired by Coco Chanel's mantra: 'before you go out, look in the mirror, and take one thing off'. - Paul

Yellowbox website

Simon Casson website

Here is Simon's press release:

Simon Casson has seen so much growth in the local wedding market that he has just launched a new business to cope with demand.

Based in North Adelaide, the current SA Editorial Photographer of the Year balances a "Monday to Friday" portfolio of local, national and international commercial clients with around 12-15 top end weddings per year on weekends.

"Around 75% of my wedding clients live either interstate or overseas - one or both of them may have grown up here, since moved and now are coming back home to get married", says Simon.

"Australia really does lead the world in quality wedding photography and as far as I am concerned it is my editorial style that influences how I shoot and how I design each wedding album"

The remainder of his local wedding clients are made up of a who's who of the local creative, media, law and medical community.

"We even had the booking of a certain international sporting personality until he decided to marry somebody else!", Simon said.

In response to ongoing requests he has now launched another service aimed at the broader Adelaide wedding market - Yellowbox.

"Yellowbox is comprised of a small team of select photographers who share my philosophy of editorial approach, totally unobtrusive and know how to have a fun day with the couple and their friends and families."

To celebrate the launch of Yellowbox all new customers receive a new iPod with all of their wedding images loaded ready to show their friends and family.

In the meantime Simon is looking after his loyal commercial/advertising clients and getting ready for a big wedding in Sydney on Anzac Day.

Even with the excitement, pressure and expectation of the average wedding day, Simon wouldn't have it any other way:

"I am so privileged to be such a large part of a couples day - I see so much - some very funny and emotional moments - I could write a book about the events that sometimes occur"

Even in this time of corporate economic uncertainty, weddings are showing no sign of being affected.

"It's a great day for a guest, you dress up, there's lots of smiles and kissing and sit down for a meal and some drinks and have fun! Everyone loves a wedding!"