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More from PMA'09

craignewmark PMA'09 show has gone well, I'm loving it! Thursday morning we heard Craig Newmark of Craigslist. Craig did not speak about how business acumen has driven his 180 million pageviews per month, but how instead a social conscience and sense of community has lifted Craigslist to where it is. Some of the things Craig is proud of is the use of his site during hurricane Katrina as a message board for victims trying to reunite.

Craigslist has also played no small part in the election of Barak Obama.

The main thrust of Craig's message was the importance of connecting with your clients and your community, while balancing this with forthright, dedicated business practise.

Nik software had a great show special for their entire suite. The software has a well designed interface and a powerful engine to keep it snappy. If you love B&W imagery, check out their Silver Efex pro module. Nik are behind tthe Nikon NX2 software, and at the heart is Viveza, here is a quote from Nik: "Viveza, powered by U Point® technology for direct on-image editing, is the most powerful and precise tool available to control light and color in photographic images. For the first time, corrections and enhancements to brightness, contrast or color can easily be made in a fraction of the time needed by other tools without the need to create complicated selections or layer masks."

For those of you still printing silver halide B&W GenAmerica United Corp offered papers and chemistry. It looked like Ilford to me.

Leica had an understated booth bejewelled with a breathtaking range of my favorite cameras, but the outstanding jewel is the Leica S2 a 37.5 megapixel DSLR, it uses a 30x45mm medium format imaging sensor. I can't comment on it's performance, but no doubt it will be a serious proposition for fans of the brand and perhaps it will grab the attention of some Nikon and Canon users who will have the spare $US25k.

Busy trade show

Joby displayed their range of funky Gorilla Pod tripods. Kate got chatting with Dean Gershenson their director of sales (about Oprah) and was presented with a tripod for her Holga. We were a bit dismayed to see 3 near identical copies of the revolutionary Joby design. It seems as though half the trade show had great ideas and the other half had copies.

The overwelming benefit of attending an international trade show is the people you meet. Here is a run down of the nationalities I had the opportunity to spend time with: Nigerian lab owner, Italian publisher, german camera chain owner, Peruvian professional photographer, Canadian camera sales person, Canadian lab owners, Russian importer/exporter, and Americans, lots if them. From millionaire investors to a female gridiron Photographer, and everything in between.

Tomorrow, before hopping into our Qantas flight, We will visit a lab in LA, A&I.

See you all soon, Paul.