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APPA printing

APPA Deadline 2014The AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards entry deadline is 21st of August, 5pm, Eastern Time Zone. This is for the entry and upload of digital image files.

Mounted and matted prints need to be in NSW by the 29th of August at 5.00pm

This awards cycle we have reduced our production times to help you, we will be working long hours to see the work looks it's best. Our new awards production deadlines are:

  • August 18th for files needing manipulation.
  • August 22nd for files ready to print.
Email or call 08 8431 6755 to arrange the printing of your award image.
Fine tune your images for APPA

Andrew Harrison judging at the 2014 SAPPAs There's no time to put your feet up just yet. Straight off the back of the SA state awards and we're already gearing up for the 2014 Canon AIPP National Awards.

With on-line print entries closing on the 21st of August (print entries close 29th of August), now is your opportunity to receive invaluable feedback on a selection of your images.

Atkins Technicolour will be hosting the APPA Image and Print Feedback evening on Tuesday, 29th of July.

All prints from the exhibition will be returned and ready for collection on the same day. All print cases will be at Atkins in case you are wanting to include any of your SAPPA prints for feedback.

Digital files are also welcome - just bring along your USB on the evening.

Please note that we can only accommodate THREE (3) images per person (inclusive of a mixture of digital and print).

Only 20 booking spots will be made available so please get in quick and book for your feedback.

If you miss out on booking in, we would still encourage you to come along and bring your three chosen images. On the off-chance we get any 'no-shows', we will gladly take your images for feedback as numbers and time permit.

We will order pizza during the session so please bring along a $10 contribution if you would like to join in.

Apologies to our regional members who may not be able to attend as this will be an attendance based evening and will not be streamed.

Where: Atkins Technicolour When: Tuesday 29th of July 2014 Time: 6.30 to 9.30pm

To register, click here:

A Rare opportunity

AIPP SAPPA graphic If you love photography and are wanting to learn more, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) are holding their state print awards.

Correctly titled the Epson SA AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards or SAPPAs, this annual event is open to the public to see great South Australian and Northern Territiry photography judged.

The photographs are judged as prints in categories, one at a time over two days by a rotating panel of five judges. The work is presented in a darkened room with only the print illuminated to draw the attention of the room. The judges each score the print between 50 and 100. Any variation by a single judge from the average of more than 10 points requires discussion and rescoring. The room often becomes tense as a judge fights for something they see in a photograph that other judges do not see.

The categories that are judged are; Illustrative, Landscape, Travel, Documentary, Commercial, Wedding, Family, Portrait

The timing of each category can vary, but the judging needs to be over in two days. So some times it runs late.

The judging panels are always a mixture of highly awarded and or experienced local and interstate photographers, to provide an unbiased team. The entries are generally kept under wraps to ensure judges have not seen the work, the work is also presented anonymously and it must have been created in the past 2 years. It is difficult objectively judging a subjective thing, but this system is internationally recognised as the standard.

The result of the judging is category winners, for example the Wedding Photographer of the Year and from that an over all Epson SA Professional Photographer of the Year 2014.

So why miss this free event.....?

Link to SAPPA website, click here.

Cost: Free Where: Marden Senior College, Marden Rd, Marden SA (off Payneham Rd), click here for a map of the facitiltes at Marden. When: Sunday June 29th to Monday June 30th If you cannot a make it and wish to see the judging it will be live streamed, follow this link to the stream.

Expected category timing see the graphic below:

AIPP SAPPA 2014 judging schedule


I am still reeling from another great PMA and APPA convention. The PMA (Photo Marketing Association) is made up of photographic retailers and wholesalers, mostly camera stores and print providers. APPA on the other hand, is the Australian Professional Photography Awards, which is judged in the middle of the PMA trade show. The trade show attracted 20,000 visitors, and it covered most of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (Jeff's Shed) and ran for three days. The visitors were mostly general public, but a big swag of the professional industry made the pilgramage to the largest photoshow in the southern hemisphere.

The APPA judging is intense, and made more so by it's location on the show floor. Interested viewers were stuffed 10 deep watching four panels of five judges look at thousands of images then , score, debate, and award. The results are slowly filerting out, and tonight is the gala awards dinner, the fifth and final night of partying...We will find out who got the highest scoring print, who won what category and who is Professional Photographer of the Year.

APPA really benefits from the exposure the tradeshow brings. APPA entrants are mostly AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) members. They are working photographers who are trying hard to raise their practise and improve their photography. The industry must educate the general public as to what it takes to be a professional photographer, and what is a great photograph. This show helps define and promote our industry members.

As a printing service we are having a lot of success at both state and nationally with our client's entries. This year Hilary Hann won Fine Art Photographer of the year with her portfolio of four images. Congratulations Hilary!

In paralell to the judging and tradeshow are a series of lectures run by even more indusrty bodies. Consider these: APCI, DIMA, PSPA, PIEA, PMA, AIPP, IDEA. There is a smogesboard to choose from.

As an indication of speaker quality, the IDEA group (the body that runs the show itself) secured AJ Riebli, a production manager at Pixar Studios. AJ had is not a public speaker, but he makes animated features such as The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Cars. Opportunities to speak with people like this are rare. AJ walked us through the process of making La Luna, Pixar's recently Oscar nominated short film.

AJ wenth through the process from inception to final production, he discussed everything from sketching and modeling characters to lighting and special effects, we all felt closer to probably the worlds largest creative organism, Pixar studios. In no other industry are more creatives wrangled on one task, and AJ is one of the wranglers.

Last year, we were graced with the presence of Ita Butrose, she spoke about her life in business. Another amazing chance to learn from someone who has made so much from their life.

Strangely, both AJ and Ita's sessions were not full. The reason is that the PMA membership is dwindling due to sales moving on-line and through lack of printing. The PMA recognises that the tide has turned, wisely they are not attempting to stop the tide. They are in the process of refocussing the organisation to bring education to all photographers and promote buying locally.

There was nothing stopping the APPA and PMA attendees from seeing AJ or Ita, infact they walk past the entrance to the auditorium on the way to the judging! What is lacking is the communication between two parties who really need each other. Sometimes the solution to your problems lies with your neighbours, and you just need to lean over the fence and ask.

Paul Atkins.



Why we should have swapped places last weekend.

I had to wrench myself out of the comforts of a post-school holidays work and home environment to head up to the AIPP Hair of the Dog (HOTD) conference in Brisbane. I got there, was not thrilled with our stand location (between two competitors!) and a bit tired from the panic of putting a stand together in a few days (another story). Within a few hours I had realized how worthwhile the trip was.

The Qld HOTD team had put together a world class line up, but it was the format that was fantastic. Small enough to socially interact with every speaker, and big enough to be able to afford them. And as we all know more is to be gained between the sessions than at them. I hope SA can wrangle something like this one day.

Here are 10 things I picked up at this hairy dog, there are sooo many more, I will slip them to you over time:

1. SEO - on your website put a contact form on each page so readers can ask questions and subscribe everywhere - Matt Adams 2. Website structure - build your website with Wordpress and use Artisteer to create your own custom design. - Matt Adams 3. Use Google easy search to find the keywords that people use to find your type of business and make sure you include them in as many pages and posts as you can. This will boost your ranking. - Matt Adams 4. When photographing babies, Kristen Cook uses music and sounds to keep a constant level so when the camera fires, the baby is not startled. 5. Great photographers know what will happen next because they have experience. It takes time to learn your craft. Luck is where preparedness meets opportunity. - Greg Gibson, former Whitehouse photographer, now top wedding photographer. 6. Facebook marketing is really effective because your targets have opted into a walled garden, and tend to trust the environment more than the open Internet. Point in case, the Qld president Jan Ramsay generated 108 leads from a campaign, and has translated that to 12 solid bookings and 15 maybes for a relatively small expenditure of about $500. 7. Jonas Peterson told how his life and his personality informs his work and not a desire to "be like" any other photographer. You can only be yourself, you can only see from your perspective, so embrace that. 8. Christine Pobke spoke of the importance of personal projects to inspire you and promote your name. She told how a chance loan of a sofa to sleep on and the inevitable early wake up from the children of the house, and a close camera, led to her successful sleepover sessions that she has become known for. 9. Yervant demonstrated Snapflow software to remove frames from digital video stream. He is already running a Canon 5d during shoots, sometimes unattended, to capture video, from which he lifts stills for the album! And Canon will be releasing a 4k camera soon that each frame will be 5d resolution!! 10. Don't ever close your mind off to information because of the source. There is gold in the strangest places. - I have to remind myself this occasionally.