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Party at Atkins!

Atkins Party You are invited to a special event at Atkins, we will be unveiling the next step in our 78 year history.

We hope you will come along to help us celebrate the start of something beautiful and the honouring of our past.

Our launch season theme is Summer, thongs, shorts and summery dresses are welcome.

Thursday October 23rd 7pm 89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town, SA 08 8431 6755

To book, click here:


Artist talk this afternoon, 4-5.30pm

MacDonald-Artwork-351-1Friday the 26th of April we are very proud to present Peter MacDonald at this month's Open House. Peter's aerial work featuring Lake Eyre is a perspective on this fragile area I have never seen. With subtle colour and abstract shapes Peter's work could be confused with paintings.

Peter lives near Wilpena Pound and is an accomplished landscape photographer, this work represents a new chapter in Peter's long career.

Link to Peter's website.

No need to book, just turn up at the lab at 4pm April 26th.

Cost: $0

More information on Peter's Exhibition:

In 2010, photographer Peter MacDonald spent five months on and off documenting the flooding of Lake Eyre in central Australia. This event occurs only once every 10 to 15 years when flood rains in the Northern Territory and Queensland drain into the Lake Eyre basin - which covers about one sixth of mainland Australia.

Most of Peter's work during the 2010 expeditions involved photographing the Lake at heights which ranged from 150 to 760 metres. While these photos documented the spectacular event from the first broken banks of the Diamantina and Warburton Rivers to the eventual filling of the Lake, there wasn't much time to creatively illustrate the amazing scenes beneath the aircraft.

This year several elements came together to enable Peter to capture this amazing landscape in a new and exciting way. These included; 1. The salt water coloured by the growth of algae. 2. Unusually heavy rains in March that covered the Lake and surrounding pastoral properties with vast amounts of fresh water. 3. The salt floor of the Lake which, in some areas, had no water on it.4. The spectacular dunes of the Great Victoria Desert which run up to the shores of the Lake. . Peter has been a longtime admirer of the great Aboriginal artists who are able to visualise their land accurately from on high and this was another influence on his decision to take a new approach. Shooting from outside the rear door of a light aircraft at 8,500 feet (2,600 metres), Peter was able to selectively compose images and either combined or isolated each of these elements.

Peter is a Flinders Ranges based landscape photographer who has lived and worked in the Outback of Australia for many years.

His work almost exdusively centres around the Flinders Ranges and the Outback of South Australia where he's lived for quite a long time and where he finds never ending subjects to photograph. He now resides in Parachilna.

Peter is a former commercial pilot who has flown over some of the remotest parts of Australia including the Kimberly Country of Westem Australia, Cape York in far north Queensland and the vast Red Centre. However he ended up back in the Flinders Ranges where he started his photographic journey about eight years ago.

The area where most of Peter's works are captured is semi arid and arid country. Often his photos are taken in the heat of summer when colours are more intense during certain parts of the day and storms create spectacular effects on the landscape.

Peter has had two previous exhibitions in Adelaide and runs a successful blog and website which is followed by people from all over Australia and, at last count, about 45 other countries.

Peter's photos are printed on fine art paper using a printing process called Giclee. Under normal conditions Giclee inks are guaranteed to retain their colour for 75 years and are of archival standard. Peter exclusively uses the services of master printer David Hobbs whose skills in correctly rendering the exact colours captured during the shooting of 'Lake Eyre · The Long View' was a work of art in itself.

Open House Friday March 1st - Film scanning

AtkinsOpenSignWWWOver coffee or tea we will discuss film scanning methods and review the 5 methods we use here at Atkins. They all have their pros and cons and are worth reviewing. We are breaking our 'last friday of the month rule' this month, let's pretend it is a leap year! Paul will lead this discussion with demonstrations.

Where: AtkinsTechnicolour, 89 Fullarton Rd Kent Town, SA When: Friday, March 1st 2012, 4pm – 5.30pm Cost: $0, no need to book, just bring your ideas.

Open House this Friday - colour

Over coffee or tea we will discuss how colour is reproduced and can be optimised for printing. Colour, like exposure, sharpness and resolution, can make or break a photograph. Paul will lead a discussion into the world of RGB, CMYK, Kelvins and rods and cones.

Where: AtkinsTechnicolour, 89 Fullarton Rd Kent Town, SA When: Friday, Ocotober 26th 2012, 4pm - 5.30pm Cost: $0, no need to book, just bring your opinions.

Open House for September: Resolution.

What a sticky topic. Over coffee or tea we will discuss image resolution and what dpi or ppi is required for all sorts of different uses, from web to bill board, we will discuss it all.

Where: AtkinsTechnicolour, 89 Fullarton Rd Kent Town, SA When: Friday, September 28th 2012, 4pm - 5.30pm Cost: $0, no need to book, just bring your opinions.

P.S. Thanks to Louise Bagger for suggesting the topic.

Open House this Friday - free, cheap blog based websites.

Paul Atkins will lead a discussion on running a website using with wordpress or squarespace. Both are solidly supported website engines and will do everything you need. Can you DIY it effectively?

Hopefully we can have others attend who can present an opinion or an alternative...? We ran a similar session July 2011, hopefully we won't go over old ground, there have been some changes in the past 12 months.

When: July 27th, 4-5.30pm Where: AtkinsTechnicolour Cost: Free

Open House this Friday.

Have you ever wondered what the dynamic range of your camera is? What is dynamic range? - this is the measure the ability of your cameras' sensor to record detail from highlights to shadows. The greater the dynamic range, the more detail you will have to play with.

Dynamic range is mearured in "fStops". To give a base line, slide film is approximately 5 stops and negative film 7 stops, high end digital backs can be as much as 14 stops!

Paul will demonstrate how to measure the dynamic range of your camera, so bring your camera along if you want to try with a group.

When: April 27th 2012, 4 - 5.30pm Where: AtkinsTechnicolour, 89 Fullarton Rd Kent Town, South Australia. Booking: No need to book, no cost, just turn up!