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John's newsletter from 20yrs ago
15th. November 1992

I hope you are all well into Christmas mode by now. Push those gift idea, and remind them of the time needed to prepare their order. This year more than ever Christmas shopping will be left to last minute.

With this in mind we at Atkins/Technicolour will be doing as much as possible to help you deliver those last minute orders. If you have a particular  problem or special idea, talk to our customer service  people now.

I have been writingof decreasing-sales now since I started these newsletters  in 1989, this is not meant to be a negative statement but fact. It means the market is changing, and we need to work at changing our businesses with the market place.

Creative studios are achieving growth, look around and see what you can do to improve your business in your market place.


Someone elses style may not suit your image.

 Look around in trade magazines, attend seminars and AIPP. functions, look at other successful businesses and talk to other photographers. The answers are in you, you just have to bring them out.

Til December,

John's Newsletter from 20yrs ago
October 15th. 1992

Every magazine I pick up someone has come up with a new electronic system. Times sure are a changin !

Winters over, Christmas is here, lets get to work. With all this Glamour make sure we don't turn our backs on high quality family portraiture. Consumers are on the move, but fail to see the value in portaits at the moment. Make Christmas, a family time to excite them again.

After the weekend of September 26th. we processed mega weddings. The date appears popular as it is the  1st.weekend of the school holidays.The couples appear to be getting fickle about their dates, be aware of the popular dates and do your deals on non popular dates only.

Atkins have 3 new Duratrans in their shop. They were taken by David Bastyer of Perth during an A.I.P.P. seminar.


John Atkins

Roman ruts.

I read recently where the widths of the railway lines in Europe and USA were governed by the Romans. Apparently the Romans made their Chariots two horse widths wide, or 4 Feet, 8.5 feet. While they were running around Europe and the UK they created wheel ruts.

The wagon makers made their wheel width the same so as not to break the wheels, so when it came time for railroad rolling stock, they used the same mindset or tooling.

To be successful in todays business we must be able to adapt quick in response to the consumers needs, without the wheel ruts affecting our thinking.


Blast from the past - John's Newsletter 15th August 1992

Hi ! Over the past 12 months the average studios purchases from the lab were lower than the previous year. Our industry needs to see more studios varying their products and marketing. The studios that are maintaining, and even growing, are the studios that have changed.

I have enclosed an article from Dr. Henry Oles printed last month in the PPA magazine. Don't shut off in the second paragraph when he talks of senior photography, read on and think where can you change or improve.

Paul has asked would I enclose a second hand equipment listing in these newsletters. I think it's a great idea, so if you have any gear you would like to recycle contact Paul.


John Atkins.

PS. Here's a one liner, If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

PPS. Paul would like you to know the results of our film comparison night are on display in Atkins shop. Worth seeing!

Blast from the past - July 1992 Newsletter
15th. July 1992.

Hi !

It seems as my last newsletter was taken to be negative, goes to show you about attitudes. Several studios rang up and said they were planning their best months this winter. Great news, go for it !

In your private and business life it takes a concerted effort to be successful. Following is a short story that may emphasis that,

A certain Sea Captain and his Chief Engineer argued as to which of them was more important to the ship, (sound familiar). Failing to agree, they resorted to a plan of swapping places.

The Chief ascended to the bridge and the Captain went down into the engine room. After a couple of hours the Captain suddenly appeared on deck covered in oil and soot.

" Chief !" he yelled " You'll have to come down here, I can't make 'er go !"

" Of course you can't " replied the Chief, " We're aground !"