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Canon AIPP APPA awards on now!

judging-scheduleThe AIPP's national professional photography awards are up and running here in Sydney. If you have an interest in learning more about photography, this is an excellent opportunity. The judging process is very interesting, it involves five specialist photographers putting a score form 50 to 100, the average becomes the score. Any judge(s) that vary 5 points or more from the average get the opportunity to challenge the score. A variation of more than 10 is an automatic challenge.

The challenges are where the magic happens, so take the time over the next three days to immerse yourself in some of the best photography in Australia.

If you cannot be in Sydney for the event, it is being Live Streamed at the link below:

There are four judging rooms, so take your pick, check out the schedule here to determine what you want to watch!


High speed flash sync workshop with US photographer Tom Bol.

This class is for intermediate and advanced photographers who want to learn innovative ways to photograph action.

Tom has been a leader in using new flash technology like Hypersync and strobic flash, and these techniques have opened new creative possibilities in action photography.

Tom will demonstrate what goes into creating a dramatic action image, not only how to freeze the action but also techniques to create motion sequences. He will show you how to go beyond the typical sync speed of 1/250, and how to use Elinchrom studio lights on location at 1/8000.

The class will start with lectures in the morning covering topics such high speed sync, Hypersync, strobic flash, photographing water sports and sequence shooting. Participants will have the chance to shoot the new Elinchrom ELC flashes that can fire at 20 frames a second.

Where: Red Poles Gallery & Restaurant, McMurtrie Rd, McLaren Vale SA 5171 When: Wednesday 17th September 2014, 9am-5:30pm Cost: $295
Booking and more information, click here.
APPA printing

APPA Deadline 2014The AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards entry deadline is 21st of August, 5pm, Eastern Time Zone. This is for the entry and upload of digital image files.

Mounted and matted prints need to be in NSW by the 29th of August at 5.00pm

This awards cycle we have reduced our production times to help you, we will be working long hours to see the work looks it's best. Our new awards production deadlines are:

  • August 18th for files needing manipulation.
  • August 22nd for files ready to print.
Email or call 08 8431 6755 to arrange the printing of your award image.
Fine tune your images for APPA

Andrew Harrison judging at the 2014 SAPPAs There's no time to put your feet up just yet. Straight off the back of the SA state awards and we're already gearing up for the 2014 Canon AIPP National Awards.

With on-line print entries closing on the 21st of August (print entries close 29th of August), now is your opportunity to receive invaluable feedback on a selection of your images.

Atkins Technicolour will be hosting the APPA Image and Print Feedback evening on Tuesday, 29th of July.

All prints from the exhibition will be returned and ready for collection on the same day. All print cases will be at Atkins in case you are wanting to include any of your SAPPA prints for feedback.

Digital files are also welcome - just bring along your USB on the evening.

Please note that we can only accommodate THREE (3) images per person (inclusive of a mixture of digital and print).

Only 20 booking spots will be made available so please get in quick and book for your feedback.

If you miss out on booking in, we would still encourage you to come along and bring your three chosen images. On the off-chance we get any 'no-shows', we will gladly take your images for feedback as numbers and time permit.

We will order pizza during the session so please bring along a $10 contribution if you would like to join in.

Apologies to our regional members who may not be able to attend as this will be an attendance based evening and will not be streamed.

Where: Atkins Technicolour When: Tuesday 29th of July 2014 Time: 6.30 to 9.30pm

To register, click here:

Importance of projects.

Bill-Gekas-Field Day If you are reading this, I assume you enjoy photography, and their is no greater use for photography than to tell a story.

Sometimes we need to set ourselves a photographic project to give us respite from the grind of our jobs. Sometimes we don't know what to do next, and just need to embark on some kind of journey.

The journey that a project can take you on is always rewarding. Here is a great project that attempts to emulate the light and image style of old master paintings. The photographer has gained an amazing understanding of light and how to apply it to great effect. This is a true learning experience.

The photographic world is better for these having been attempted.

Melbourne photographer Bill Gekas has spent many years emulating the work of old masters and has produced an unrivalled, multi award winning body of work that takes your breath away.

Enjoy these and be inspired.

Paul Atkins

Link to Bill Gekas' gallery

Atkins at The Event

For the 5th consecutive year in a row, the AIPP brings together the most inspiring and thought provoking professionals in the industry at it's annual conference, The Event.

Speaker range from South Australia's own leading Birth Photographer Victoria Berekmeri to World Record Holding Extreme Sports Person Heather Swan.

Along with the sessions and workshops, there is an excellent tradeshow.

Our Karen Horne will be representing Atkins at booth number 27. Call in to see our latest products and have a chat.

The 2014 Event is being held on the Gold Coast his month, and there are still positions available if you wish to attend.

Link to The Event 2014.

Print critique night last night at Atkins

Milton and Don Judging

With the SA Professional Photographic awards just around the corner, Atkins are hosting a print critique night o 15 May 2014 from 6:30 PM to gain feedback on your potential entries.

You will need your entries printed, but not finished (mounted and matted) to get the feedback. If you are not entering the awards, you are welcome to attend. It is a great learning exercise, you will hear discussion on what makes an award winning image.

To attend, you do not need to be a member but you must register. You can register at this link.

The evening is held this Thursday night at Atkins, from 6.30pm, 89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town.

Q and A Photo Podcast is back on air!

Black Market Podcast Team After a 5 month break, the Podcast from the Black Market Network featuring Paul Atkins is back on air with the 20th episode.

Paul and host DJ Paine discuss everything photographic, with the aim to promote professionalism and getting the best out of your photography. Tune in for tech, tips, tricks, gear, clear explanations, geekery, and fun.

Link to home page

Link to Q and A Photo

Link to the Podcast in iTunes

Luxury winter photographic workshop

Alice Bell Winter Bluff WorkshopAlice Bell, is running a luxury Photography/Yoga/Whale Watching Winter Workshop Weekend staying at the simply stunning Whalers "The Bluff Resort", Encounter Bay. The all inclusive weekend price is $850 per person. The weekend includes:

- 2 nights Accomodation @ Whalers 'The Bluff Resort' - 2 days of intensive photography tutoring (see below for more details) - 2 morning yoga classes @ 7am in the main shared apartment - Land based whale watching activities

For more information, click here.

Light on the Land Flinders Ranges workshop 2014

LightOnTheLandWorkshopsLight on the Land - Flinders Ranges workshop 2014 Lou Marafioti and Keith Seidel are pleased to advise you of the dates for the 2014 Light on the Land workshops, presented in partnership with the South Australian Photographic Federation (SAPF).

The 2014 Flinders Ranges workshop (details attached) is currently accepting registrations. The dates for this workshop, which has been extended from six to seven nights this year, are August 17-23. Your registration fee covers tuition, accommodation and meals.

Your payment of the required deposit will confirm your place in the workshop on a first come, first served basis until registrations are filled. Subject to demand a second workshop week in the Flinders may be offered at the discretion of the organisers.

Please use the attached registration form by return email to book your place in the Flinders Ranges for 2014.

Click here for the PDF brochure: Light on the Land Flinders 2014

Other workshop dates proposed are:

20 July Advanced Portraiture – glamour and character models (rural location)

3 August Advanced Portraiture – glamour and character models (metropolitan location)

27 December One-day workshop – portrait, seascape and learning how to “see” the photographs that are around you (coastal location).

Durability Vs light-fast

Last June, I visited the Rochester Institute of Technology's Image Permanence Institute (IPI). The visit was a part of Atkins' ongoing research into providing the most useful long-term prints.

Looking at long term usefulness is a good idea. After all, if we are not printing archivally, why are we printing at all? The supply of images that will vanish is well handled by folks leaving their photos in unstable digital storage!

So we want something that is light fast for 100 to 200 years. Agreed. Well what if when you touched it, the image is easilly damaged? What if the surface felt beautiful and textured, like water colour paper, but this made it absorb pollutants at a great rate?  How can we 'hand down' our prints without touching them?

It is a nasty conundrum that the most light fast, archival pigment ink printing, is also the most delicate.

But the fact is when it comes to pigment inkjet printing (Gicleé) it is less durable than wet process printing. Well processed, photographic silver-halide prints can survive relentless handling, heavily polluted atmospheres and even extensive flooding. It may only have an lightfast ceiling of 100 years, but it may be more likely to make 100 years.

So next time you are thinking about making a print, and you expect it to last. Think about how you are going to help it to last, storage, handling and display is equally as important as the choice of print type.

Paul Atkins

All the printing at Atkins is made on the best materials for their purpose, we purchase independently tested materials, we do  testing ourselves. We are in business for the long term, so you can hand down your prints to future generations.

Workflow, from shoot through to archiving notes - Summer School 2014

Atkins_workflowseminar_0161The workflow session for digital photography was a pretty intense half day, and feedback from attendees has been very positive. So these notes will be valuable. They are the presenter's notes, and are essentially an 'outline' so you may have trouble deciphering some details, but you are welcome to email in for clarification. Click on the link to download the notes as a text file: ss2014-workflow-notes  

Summer School challenges
What a Summer School, with record attendance and pretty deep engagement, I think it was the best yet. Over the next few weeks I will be producing the notes from the sessions in the form of posts here, so keep an eye on this space.

To those that participated; thank you for rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty!