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Pitcher this, Saturday night

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This Saturday night at the Port Noarlunga Art Centre, the Pitcher event gets underway. Come along and hear these artists pitch to win the door prize to help make their project a reality.

Gary Cockburn Tony Kearney and Dani McLean Max Magain Steph Fuller Tony Redhead Andrew Delaine Kylie Macey Kat Coppock Gee Greenslade Alice Blanch

At the PITCHER This, the audience of up to 200 pays $10.00 per ticket, the audience votes, the project/artist with the most votes wins the amount of money made at the door through ticket sales! It is that easy.
Where: The Arts Centre, 22 Gawler Street, Port Noarlunga
When: Saturday 20 September, 7–10pm
Cost: $10
Booking: Just turn up!
RRP: Work From the Light Gallery Committee

rrp_invitation_finaleditThis exhibition showcases work by the devoted team of volunteers who ensure the smooth running of The Light Gallery, a space dedicated to the medium of photography.

Every couple of years this ragtag bunch have the tables turned on us, and we put on our own show. Each one of us has put our heart and soul into making some really cool work.

You can expect to see a broad range of techniques and concepts. Old school tintypes (expertly crafted), urban triptychs, layered transparencies, investigations of what 'value' is, commentary on gender and culture, modern landscapes, and a pop-art throwback.

Finally, why RRP? It's a comment on the commodification of art, including photography, which we love and treasure. Or maybe it's a subliminal cue to make you buy art.

Join us on Friday 5 September from 6pm to find out.

When:Friday 5 September to Saturday 4 October
Where: The Light Gallery, 138 Richmond Road, Marleston, SACost: $0

For more information, click here.

Atkins are proud supporters of the Light Gallery and the Centre for Creative Photography.

The story of "A Day in the Life of Grange"

Milton Wordley Shimmer This Saturday night at 7pm Milton Wordely has been invited to talk about the making of 'The Grange Book’. The book is exquisite, and the story behind it worth hearing.

In Milton's own words:

"I’m not expecting you to come. However I thought I should let a few people know, just in case in a fit of madness you (or anyone you know who might like to come) may have thought of self publishing a book.

It’s been quite a journey, and If as i mentioned, you have ever thought of self publishing it will be quite an interesting night.

Shimmer is in it’s 3d year and quite a celebration of Photography.  (Fellow speaker) Gary Cockburn is talking that night , I look forward to seeing some more of his documentary photography ."

Where: Arts Centre, 22 Gawler Street, Port Noarlunga When: Saturday September 6th 2014, from 7pm Cost: Free

Alice Blanch's Box Brownie Landscapes

Box_Bownie_Landscape_FlyerThis Sunday the 7th of September head down to Oliver's Taranga in McLaren Vale for the opening of Alice Blanch's new body of work,"Box Brownie Landscapes" Opening is from 1.30- 4pm, some drinks and nibbles provided.

The Box Brownie Landscape series depicts the Australian landscape in its raw state. The series embraces the moods and textures of the landscape rather than specific geographic details of each location. By highlighting these ephemeral elements in the landscape the resulting images are filled with ambiguity and emotion. The photographs in this series were all captured at various locations around Australia in a 1940’s Box Brownie camera on black and white 120 film.

Exhibition runs until the 30th of October.

LIGHT is opening.

Atkins LIGHT Invitation 03 In 2011, we approached our clients to put together a joint exhibition that could travel to one of Australia’s most important art festivals. By 2013, we were ready for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB).

For the BIFB we staged the successful DARK exhibition, drawing a lot of interest with a strong collection. From this showing, the idea was cemented, and for some members, the first rung in the ladder was struck on their climb as exhibiting photographers.

Upon returning from the BIFB, the show had jagged the attention of the Adelaide Town Hall, who were just transitioning a space into a dedicated public art venue. DARK was enlarged allowing all artists to submit more work, and rehung for several months, in this remarkable space.

From this success, we made the call to be a part of the 2014 Shimmer Photographic Festival here in South Australia's Southern Vales. Our new show is called LIGHT, and it is being held at the Red Poles Gallery.

We cherish our involvement with artists in photography. It’s become a passion for all parts of our business. We are a pro lab, so we deal with many businesses, dealing with artists is a different experience. However, for us, we are in the business of building relationships. We don’t just print the work, we want to know the intention of the artist, their vision, and we will not rest until it is achieved to the highest level of perfection. We are proud to present this collective of Adelaide Photographic Artists. Each one has a fascinating story, each one on their own journey.


More than any definition of the word, it is the feeling that impresses me. When I think of "light", I feel the warmth of a morning sunrise reaching into my bones, filling me with energy. It is that fullness that I enjoy so much.

Of course without light, there is nothing to see, and certainly no photographs. But "light" here in the exhibition title, is the story of this energy, how it moves us, how it fools us, how it fills us, how it is our everything.

Where: Red Poles Gallery. McMurtrie Road, McLaren Vale SA When: Opening, Saturday August 30 2014 at 3pm. Then through until October 12th Cost: Free

LIGHT has been reviewed by Haydn Radford of Weekend Notes:

Kent Town Connected

Pam Anders LKWSWsheds F150

Two artists, two hundred views (at least!).

As a result of a collaboration between Atkins and the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, Sam Oster was engaged to mentor two students of photography from Marden Senior College, Pam Anders and Krystal Hayden, and together produce a story of Kent Town.

The resulting exhibtion will be hung at Atkins for the 2014 SALA Festival.

Exhibition opening: Friday August 15th 6-9pm, and runs to September 19th 2014.

Link to Exhibtion flyer Link to SALA 2014

To keep updated with other SALA shows we are involved with, click here.

Hidden places, hidden lives

A thought-provoking photographic narrative reflecting the experiences of people living in Adelaide’s Supported Residential Facilities. This collection of photographs is a collaborative project, created by residents mentored by four well-known local photographers, who have built up the confidence and enhanced the photographic skills of residents. The exhibition explores inclusion and citizenship of this generally unknown community.

Join us for the complementary community forum.

A SALA Festival event, co-presented with Seniors Information Service

Where: The Hawke Centre's Kerry Packer Civic Gallery is open 9am-5pm weekdays, Hawke Building Level 3, UniSA City West campus, 55 North Terrace, Adelaide. When: 28 July - 27 August 2014

Fundraiser for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale

BIFB Biennale beta collection adEvery two years the Ballarat Biennale festival brings Australian audiences the best of the world's photographic art in some of the most beautiful heritage venues in Ballarat in a month long photo extravaganza. This August is the Gala fundraiser, the Collection 2014 provides an ideal opportunity to support the BIFB and ensure it's ongoing success as Australia's premier festival of photography. For more information, click on this link.

When: Sunday August 31st from noon to 4:00pm, Where: Gallery Eleven40, 1140 Malvern Road, Malvern, Vic 3144 03 8823 1140 Cost: $125 [red dot purchasers free]

The Sea and Me

The Sea and MeAtkins are very proud to be a part of Che Chorley's The Sea and Me this SALA. The Sea and Me is a bold intimate series of portraits of the ocean from the eyes and imagination of Che Chorley. Find yourself immersed at sea level on a winter's evening at The Mill Gallery as part of SALA 2014.

Opening night August 1st at 6pm for 6.30 official proceedings.

The exhibition runs August 1-12, Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm and then tours to Jack Ruby throughout September 2014.

August 9th at 2pm Che is conducting and artists' talk.

This quote is from Paul Atkins' opening speech on 1st of August, and is a reading from Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

“Call me Ishmael. Some years ago - never mind how long precisely - having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen, and regulating the circulation. Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off - then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can."

Here a media quote on Che's work from Rip It Up, March 2014:

“...His ocean photographs, rich and deep with brilliant, unexpected colour, are particularly striking. Seizing moments of rare peace or humour, Chorley’s pictures are one-of-a-kind moments in time.”

There are few words that can describe this exhibition, so please, get to the Mill and don't miss this opportunity.


SALA is open at Atkins

Marc Bowden's Paeonia Invite We are very proud to be hosting Marc Bowden's Paeonia this evening as our first SALA show for 2014.

Marc's most recent work looks closely at our relationship to flowers and their true and implied purpose. The work is visually beautiful and fills our recently renovated front space with colour.

Marc's show runs from July 18th to August 14th 2014, with a private opening Friday July 18th at 6pm.

Link to Marc's website:

Link to SALA 2014:

Importance of projects.

Bill-Gekas-Field Day If you are reading this, I assume you enjoy photography, and their is no greater use for photography than to tell a story.

Sometimes we need to set ourselves a photographic project to give us respite from the grind of our jobs. Sometimes we don't know what to do next, and just need to embark on some kind of journey.

The journey that a project can take you on is always rewarding. Here is a great project that attempts to emulate the light and image style of old master paintings. The photographer has gained an amazing understanding of light and how to apply it to great effect. This is a true learning experience.

The photographic world is better for these having been attempted.

Melbourne photographer Bill Gekas has spent many years emulating the work of old masters and has produced an unrivalled, multi award winning body of work that takes your breath away.

Enjoy these and be inspired.

Paul Atkins

Link to Bill Gekas' gallery

PITCHER This at Shimmer

shimmer_photography_festivalHave you got a photography based project and need some cash?  This may just be the opportunity you are looking for! PITCHER This is a live crowd-funded event open to all artists with a project or idea that is photography based.

PITCHER This rules:

Artists and photographers who wish to be considered for selection to present at PITCHER This must submit

  1. a concise one page description of the project or idea that they wish to present including their name, contact telephone number and email address
  2. The pitched project may be for professional development, printing and framing costs, other exhibition costs such as equipment hire, studio time etc or travel costs associated with a particular project
  3. Only visual artists working in photography and photographers are eligible
  4. Each pitcher will have 5 minutes to present.  Data projector, laptop and public address system available

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 5pm Monday 21 July 2014

On the PITCHER This presentation night: An audience of up to 200 pays $10.00 per ticket 10 pre-selected artists pitch their project to the audience The project/artist with the most votes wins the amount of money made at the door through ticket sales
Do you want to be involved?  Download the photographers brief below  and contact The Arts Centre on 8326 5577 with any questions.
Atkins Artists - call for submissions

Logo We have been invited to exhibit at this year's Shimmer Festival in Adelaide's southern vales. Shimmer will run from Friday 29 August to Sunday 28 September 2014.

Shimmer runs parallel to SALA but is a biennial celebration of the many professionally established, internationally acclaimed, emerging and aspirational photographers in Australia.

Shimmer is the only photography festival in South Australia and the City of Onkaparinga is leading the way in supporting and showcasing local talent and attracting the best artists to our community. Shimmer provides professional skill development opportunities to local artists as well as a culturally enriching experience for our whole community.

More than 30 local galleries, wineries, cafes and restaurants involved in exhibiting during Shimmer, the entire area get behind this great festival.

If you want to know more about Shimmer, click here.

What is in it for you?

During the months of April and May 2014, we are asking for submissions from our community to participate in this project. This year's exhibition will be curated by us based on the theme "Light". There is limited space, and entries will be considered on their artistic merit and fit with the theme and other submissions. We feel a single entry per person will work the best, but if you have others you wish us to consider, please let us know.

Submissions close May 31st 214.

Cost of your participation:

Price of your print(s) and framing at Atkins based on the space available (possibly at this stage a square meter per participant). You can choose any presentation method and paper options, but it will need to go in one of our white frames, using any of the five moulding shapes.

Plus $160 payable with the print order. This covers the gallery fee, design and print of promotional material, website for exhibition and design of book that will be for sale that will represent you and the exhibition (if you wish to purchase the book, it will be available at cost to you).

The gallery will take a 35% commission.

How to make a submission.

If you wish to be a part of the exhibition, please submit a single jpeg image, at least 900 pixels on the longest dimension for our review. Please also include your artist statement for the piece. Please email the photograph and the artist statement to

Join us in helping Shimmer shine.

We had great success with our DARK exhibition that we took to the Ballarat Biennale, the participants had a great time and we helped put Adelaide photographers amongst the best in Australia. DARK ended up returning to Adelaide and featuring at the Adelaide Town Hall for a second run.

Concrete, Space, Light is open.

Concrete, Space, LightAtkins are very excited to see the realisation of this exhibition. We  have been watching the development of this genre here in Adelaide, and especially the exposition of the things us Adelaideians see and take for granted every day. The exhibition opens this Friday, March 21st. Mark Zed, Peter Barnes, Wayne Grivell, Benjamin Liew, and Gary Sauer-Thompson. These five Adelaide photographers get together to show us familiar but newly-seen architecture, inconsequential alleyways, as well as major buildings that are now making their way into Adelaide’s visual imagination.

The Light Gallery at the Centre for Creative Photography, 138 RIchmond Road, Marleston. 21 March to 25 April 2014

Opening night: Friday 21 March, 6–8pm. To be opened by Tim Horton, CEO of the Committee for Adelaide.

Walking Thinking Walking

The Confluence of Nechako and Fraser Rivers - ©2014 Lois Turner Lois Turner's 'Walking Thinking Walking' is running through to this Sunday.

Date 13th. February - 16th March 2014, open daily, 10.00am - 4.00pm

Hughes Gallery, Fullarton Park Centre, 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton 5063

Lois' work explores how the environment and its rhythms affect our behaviour.

"Rhythm is found in urban life and movement. In all biological life forms, and the pulses of our bodies such as heart rate, breathing and pace of walking. The experiment into rhythm provides me with much insight into the workings of everyday life.

 The work in this exhibition reflects my experience of rhythms produced through walking in both the urban and country contexts. My recent time as an Artist in Residence at Cleland Wildlife Park allowed me to observe the effects of the wildlife in their environment, most specifically snakes.

 “Red Bellied Black Snake” is a series of one hundred small canvas panels that looks at the key to snakes agility and how their movements differ according to the surface on which they slither or ripple. The digital piece “Mesmerised” brings to light the common fear of snakes and reflects our own body’s reaction to them.

 My work is a continual experimentation into manipulating and cross referencing between different mediums. Computer technologies, painting and photography, together inform my ideas of rhythm. Ultimately, though it is the idea that determines the most appropriate medium for the message."

Lois Turner 2014

Lois' website:

Characters of the Fleurieu
Characters of the Fleurieu

What a chance to really exercise your creative talents with this photographic competition/exhibtion.
'Characters of the Fleurieu' means just that, BUT - it doesn't necessarily have to be a person, thinking outside the square it could be animal, abstract, people collectively etc. etc. Food for thought?Special effects or a variety of media are certainly acceptable, but don't loose sight of the words CHARACTERS of the Fleurieu.

Great prizes - $3,000 prize for best overall, plus printing & framing to the value of $500 from Atkins Technicolour, and a camera plus tuition to the value of $300 from Diamonds Photographics.

It all sounds like great fun and should be a fascinating exhibition. Go for it!! - but no landscapes, this is about people.

For more information, click here.

©2014 Gregory Ackland -Scyppan Gregory Ackland's photographic series 'Habitus' references the traditions of Romanticism, but Ackland's photographs also reflect the idea of a retreat inwards. A contemplation of the experience of place elevates these images beyond the picturesque to highlight an emotional response to the landscape.

Gregory is a head of photography at the Adelaide School for the Arts, and a talented photographic artist. If you get an opportunity to hear Greg speak at an artist talk, you will enjoy he deep love and understanding of art.

Feb 19 - Mar 19 2014 at the Hill Smith Gallery - First Floor Gallery, 113 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Website for Habitus:

The Plastic Show

The Plastic ShowTHURSDAY 6th of March 6pmBAR and FOOD TRUCK, exhibition runs until March 20th. Location: The Mill. 154 Angas Street, Adelaide, South Australia

An exhibition of photographs captured entirely with plastic cameras.

Featuring photographers: Karen Cornelius, Jessica Eckermann, Andrea Francolini, Cynthia Gemus, Sara Huffen, Mike Lim and Mark Zed.

There's an anticipation mixed with disappointment in antique markets and camera fairs. Laid out on tables and tables are mediocre zoom lenses, books on photo technique from the 80s, outdated boxes of photo paper. Sometimes there is a nice old Leica for sale but it's inevitably too expensive. And then, sometimes, there's a cheap camera sitting quietly among all the other things. It doesn't need batteries, it's light (being made of plastic or bakelite) and it might be called a Holga, a Diana, or a Clack. This breed of camera takes film, it's easy to use; just load it up and shoot. You can control the focus a little, the exposure a little, neither very much, and you usually have to remember to wind the film on.

The appeal here is exactly that vagueness about the process and the uncertainty about the outcome. For photographers used to tight precision and control over their images, the approximateness of the picture-making can be a freeing thing. It's also fun, shooting with a camera that you need to close with a rubber band or fix the light leaks in with gaffer tape, or packing a 35mm film into a medium-format camera with tissue paper. This kind of photography has enough appeal for suppliers to manufacture new plastic gear: over half the cameras in this show have been bought new. The accidental quality of the process can result in pictures that aren't exposed perfectly but show a nice depth in the tone; or maybe the multiple exposures overlap in unexpected and serendipitous ways. This is what makes plastic camera images interesting for the viewer as well as the photographer (because, if you're just looking at the result and not playing with the camera, why does how you got it matter?). The accidental results give us a little more than we ask for. All we have to do is let them happen, accept them, and offer them to you.

Link to the facebook page of the event.

Emma Hack Art Prize - Exhibtion

The Emma Hack Art Prize is a $5000 acquisitive art prize for South Australian based artists from all disciplines, based on a yearly theme. This years prize celebrates the range of contemporary media within the 2014 theme of ‘My Environment’. The exhibition of finalists is now open and will run until March 30th 2014.

The works are not limited to photography, however there is a large photographic component, made up of may prominent Adelaide  artists and Atkins' customers.

All artworks will be available for sale (excluding the winner) 15% of proceeds will be donated to AMWWRO:

Special thanks goes to Adelaide Convention Centre, Raw Pearls and theAdelaide Fringe for their support!

EXHIBITION: 4th-30th March, 2014

Link to Facebook event.


A lovely exhibition extending the series of Rust, Salt and Tar by a collective of SA artists, some of our favourite artists are a part of the collective, a big congratulations to Tony Kearney for curating another masterpiece. Hurry up if you want to see Smoke, these are it's last days. Black Diamond Gallery, Port Adelaide, 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Sat 22 Feb — Sun 9 Mar

Website for Smoke.

Smoke and the Port

This exhibition celebrates the product of combustion, the vaporous gasses and particles, the aromatic, the cure, the pale to greyish blue to thick black, the elemental nature of smoke. The artists have played with the properties of smoke, the smoke of fleeting illusion, of mirrors, the unreal and transitory, of concealment and screening.

The presence of smoke has a long history in the Port. Long before the Europeans first sailed up the river, you would have seen the smoke rising from the numerous fires of the Kaurna people who occupied and made use of this land and water. Among their customs was the practice of fire-stick farming as part of a scrub clearing process for hunting and to encourage grass growth for emu and kangaroo.

The Industrial Revolution ushered in an ‘age of smoke’, skies filled with the by-product of the industrialisation and transportation needs of a growing colony. The tallest smoke stacks were in and around the Port, steam trains provided a regular service between the Port and Adelaide from 1856 and coal powered ships eventually replaced sail. All this would have created an all-pervading atmosphere of dense smoke, ever-present in the daily lives of those living and working here.

Unwanted fire also brought smoke. In 1857, the Great Fire of Port Adelaide destroyed a large area of the built Port. In 1924, fire took hold of the ship The City of Singapore which, at the time, was carrying a highly flammable cargo of cased benzine, petrol and kerosene and other goods. The cargo exploded killing four firefighters and injuring many more. Dock Two was renamed Tragedy Dock.

And then there’s the smoko, the ritual that broke the working day into manageable blocks. The smoko is emblematic of the working class Port, it might have started quietly with the carved albatross bone pipes made by seafarers in their idle time, but it soon became an integral part of the employment conditions of every man and woman who worked these wharves.