Change to our Payment Terms and Conditions

As a part of the ongoing restructuring Atkins, we have decided to move to prepayment of jobs where possible. The decision was based on these two problems faced when running a small custom manufacturing facility, or professional photo lab.

  1. A percentage of orders are not being picked up.
  2. We cannot resell the materials used.

We do offer a money back guarantee, and a long trading history indicating we please our clients.

One of the unexpected benefits of this move has been the clarification of the orders before production begins. We deal with a lot of complex orders, often resulting in phone calls along the way, because payment is now brought forward, these questions are being sorted immediately.

In some circumstances, where work cannot be costed up front, we will ask for a deposit before commencing the order.

If you wish to look at our Terms and Conditions, follow this link.

You will notice more changing over this next year, one of the key tweaks will be the separation of our 'professional' or ABN registered clients. If you are a professional photographer, and have are a registered ABN holder, please let us know but filling out the form at this link.

Keep an eye out for these changes and let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better.