Film Challenge!

Film processingIn the immortal words of Harry Callaghan, "do you feel lucky punk?". However, this shouldn't be about luck, this is a test of your skills in a tricky environment: Mid summer, Adelaide, one roll of 35mm (not Xpan) or 120 (up to 6×9) tranny film, one morning to shoot. Midday we process and sleeve, 4pm meet back at Atkins to choose your best frame and a discussion of what everyone shot. From there the Atkins will scan and prepare prints with minimal editing and host and exhibition during the following month. We will gather votes over the month for an informal 'peoples choice award' Are you up to it...?

The cost of entry includes the roll of film and processing.

Friday, January 31st, 9.30am pick up your film and head off afar a quick chat.  12.30pm with a return to the lab for processing at 4pm for review and discussion until 5pm.

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