Eggs are Skrambling.

Eggshbition opening: 5pm, 28th Nov 2013 @ 177 Halifax Street, Adelaide.

Silly name, cool concept, that's Skrambled Eggs for you. With more than 350 years experience between them, the Skrambled collective pursue photography as their livelihood, their passion, their creative outlet and their heartache.

This exhibition allows - nay, encourages - each artist to roam freely and play with photography minus the chains of a client brief or living up to anyone's expectations.

Can you believe it's been an Adelaide exhibition fixture for four years? And they said it couldn't last!

The twist? All pics are shot on mobile phones. Suck on that egg.

- I have always enjoyed being a part of this lovely collective in one way or another, the work is always remarkable, and this year is no exception. Get along and see it! Please note, the Eggs opening does conflict with Mick Bradley's farewell, but there should be time to get to both. -  Paul Atkins