Adelaide's Best Wedding Photograph 2013

Shona's winning photograph. Yes it is on again. Your chance hold the title of shooting Adelaide's Best Wedding Photograph 2013 and win $1000 cash.

This is the competition where prints and online images are judged by your potential clients, and it generates some fascinating statistics about what buyers of wedding photography want.

Shona Henderson won our 2012 competition Shona’s image was chosen out of the 32 entrants by over 750 members of the public in two voting forums; the Winter Bridal Ideas Fair, where the entrants’ images were printed on a 20x24inch paper and visitors to the fair were asked to pick their favorite, and on-line at our voting website.

Shona won with 16% of the total vote, and was most popular at the Bridal Fair. Allison Hernach was second and Paul McCall third. Voting was very close and all entrants received similar votes, mirroring our opinion of the high standard of this years’ entrants.

The images are printed to fit within a 20x24inch page with a white border, they are mounted and displayed at a bridal fair and the visiting public judge it. Each voter has to register. Images are also judged online at the same time.

Here are the timings for this competition:

  • Photos must be from the 2012 - 2013 season.
  • May 1st entries open, entrants are numbered in a first come, first served bases, so the first entrant will be #1 (and sequentially after that) and hence will appear on the first page of the on-line judging.
  • Registration must be completed using the @tkins online software - in the “Wedding Competition” catalog is a Portrait and Landscape layout which you must use to submit your image.
  • May 18, 5.30pm, entries close.
  • June 1-2 prints judged by the public at the Winter Bridal Ideas Fair
  • June - July online and in
  • July winner announced.

Entrants must be an 2012-2013 Accredited or Emerging AIPP member. This is to assist us in assessing the entrants professionalism.

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