@tkins online help

atlogobubbleOver the past three months we've be caught up in a war between those who program Java and Apple computers. Both companies are trying to improve their security and in the process it has been breaking the functionality of our ordering software. Our programmers (ROES) have been struggling to keep up. If our @tkins online software is not working for you we want to offer you a remote support session to fix the problems.

There are solutions to 99% of the problems.

We have current information on the fixes on our FAQ web page you can use to make the changes yourself, but we can also use screen sharing technology to operate your computer and make the changes with you. All you need to do is make an appointment with one of our technicians.

Meanwhile, there are three alternative ways to get orders into Atkins via the internet; email, FTP, and a cloud service such as. DropBox, YouSendIt, GoogleDrive, etc.

Request a support session.

Alternative to @tkins online.