We are very excited to announce a Podcast venture with DJPaine's Black Market Photo podcast network. DJ has started a weekly photo tech podcast (not yet in the iTunes store) called Q and A Photo with Paul Atkins. Each week we will answer questions from listeners relating to the technology of photography, pitched at professional photographers.

The first episode went live this week, you can listen to it at this link. This episode introduces the concept of the show.

DJ also featured John Atkins on his Black Market Photo show last year, you can listen to this episode here. DJ also interviewed Paul over two episodes this year, you can listen here.

What is a podcast?In this format, it is a audio recording of discussions and interviews, you can listen via the website, or download the file for listening to later or on your MP3 player. If you use Apple products, such as iPhone and iTunes, you can subscribe and each new episode will fall into your play list as it is published for free. Here is the link to BMP in the iTunes store. Q and A Photo with Paul Atkins is not in the iTunes store yet, but it will be shortly.