John's Newsletter from 20yrs ago

October 15th. 1992

Every magazine I pick up someone has come up with a new electronic system. Times sure are a changin !

Winters over, Christmas is here, lets get to work. With all this Glamour make sure we don't turn our backs on high quality family portraiture. Consumers are on the move, but fail to see the value in portaits at the moment. Make Christmas, a family time to excite them again.

After the weekend of September 26th. we processed mega weddings. The date appears popular as it is the  1st.weekend of the school holidays.The couples appear to be getting fickle about their dates, be aware of the popular dates and do your deals on non popular dates only.

Atkins have 3 new Duratrans in their shop. They were taken by David Bastyer of Perth during an A.I.P.P. seminar.


John Atkins