The Nikon AIPP Event and finding your rat

Whilst driving back from this fantastic event in the Hunter Valley, I killed the hours catching up on podcasts and chewing over what could be learned from such a gluttons' feast of information that The Event was. As sometimes happens "Roderick on the Line" was my first queued podcast. John Roderick is a Seattle Indy Rocker, with a bizarre mix of towering ego, deep intelligence, wet yourself humor and espouser of common sense.

It was great timing because John's podcast started with a story of how a deeply domesticated ribbon wearing Dachshund lept from the arms of its unsuspecting owner to chase a sewer rat down a hole. The dogs gentle owner could only stare shocked as the rat and the hound accidentally bumped into each other and it threw the primeval switch on the dog. The owner had 'never seen that behaviour before' just as all dog owners say after that switch is thrown.

The story of the dog's switch being thrown reminded me of what many of us are looking for in life; "What was I put on earth to do?" And many of the speakers I saw at The Event clearly know their answer. They know their rat, what is instinctual to them, what makes them happiest. The lineup of speakers for this AIPP annual conference was breathtaking, The Event is now world class, and attracts real talent.

I'll define people with "real talent" as those who have dedicated themselves to their craft, and have pushed it all the way. They were not 'discovered' like so many of the celebrity generation, they have worked to this point, they have sacrificed, reinvented, and slogged their way to the top without a lot of second guessing or complaining. A few speakers were still climbing, but in all of them, you could see them chasing their instincts like that dog, following where ever they led.

So over the next few months I will let you know my impression of those I saw, and try to impart some things I learned from them. If you want to see some of presentations (note, not all could be recorded), you can pay to view the sessions that were recorded by the AIPP here: