Hume family's 'Constructed'

Annabel, Briony and David Hume are exhibting together at the Citadel Gallery from August 3rd to the 19th.

Annabel presents a series of small cast bronzes, interesting both for their technical virtuosity and their subversion of traditional textures, as knitted and woven fabrics are reproduced in metal. Briony takes the text of her own short story and combines this with fragments, both literal and metaphoric, of her narrative in a series of mixed media pieces with silk screen and found materials on fabric.

David presents a series of twelve views of venice - la città perfetta; mosaics of time and space, fragments of the city reflecting a whole. the work is offered as a limited edition of 20 sets of fine art prints.

We are proud to have worked with David in the production of la città perfetta, the pieces are an exquisite recall of a moment in time, and are in beautifully presented boxed sets.

Link to David's website.

Opens: August 3rd 2012, 6-8 pm Dates: Fri 3 Aug to Sun 19 Aug 2012 Hours: Sat - Sun 12-5, Tues-Fri 2-7, Closed Monday Address: 24 Rosa St Goodwood, SA