*Snapped* - SALA at Atkins

August 3rd - 26th 2012 Marc Bowden's exhibition of carefully stolen street moments will be showing at the lab from this Saturday until August the 26th. We are very proud to have been asked to be a SALA venue by this talented photographer. We are equally proud to have produced the work with Marc's guidance. It is our first exhibition as a venue and we are also a sponsor, so please call in and see Marc's work.

Here is a statement from Marc about this exhibiton:

What fascinates me about photographic images captured ‘on the hop’ are those that have distilled something remarkable from the seemingly unremarkable, captured a moment easily missed or dismissed, or are graphically rich. Great images perfectly resolve any one of these principles, but the truly exceptional epitomize all three. That’s the drive behind each image in snapped.

Link to Marc's Website.