Blast from the past - July 1992 Newsletter

15th. July 1992.

Hi !

It seems as my last newsletter was taken to be negative, goes to show you about attitudes. Several studios rang up and said they were planning their best months this winter. Great news, go for it !

In your private and business life it takes a concerted effort to be successful. Following is a short story that may emphasis that,

A certain Sea Captain and his Chief Engineer argued as to which of them was more important to the ship, (sound familiar). Failing to agree, they resorted to a plan of swapping places.

The Chief ascended to the bridge and the Captain went down into the engine room. After a couple of hours the Captain suddenly appeared on deck covered in oil and soot.

" Chief !" he yelled " You'll have to come down here, I can't make 'er go !"

" Of course you can't " replied the Chief, " We're aground !"