Blast from the past - John's Newsletter 15th August 1992

Hi ! Over the past 12 months the average studios purchases from the lab were lower than the previous year. Our industry needs to see more studios varying their products and marketing. The studios that are maintaining, and even growing, are the studios that have changed.

I have enclosed an article from Dr. Henry Oles printed last month in the PPA magazine. Don't shut off in the second paragraph when he talks of senior photography, read on and think where can you change or improve.

Paul has asked would I enclose a second hand equipment listing in these newsletters. I think it's a great idea, so if you have any gear you would like to recycle contact Paul.


John Atkins.

PS. Here's a one liner, If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

PPS. Paul would like you to know the results of our film comparison night are on display in Atkins shop. Worth seeing!