Adelaide's Best Wedding Photograph - rule change.

The ABWP competition 2012 was only open to accredited AIPP members. Because of the influx of new members to the AIPP who are also experienced professional photographers, we are now accepting emerging AIPP members as entrants. We will assess each entrant before they are accepted as we have done in the past. If you are not a regular customer of AtkinsTechnicolour, you may be asked to submit a portfolio of wedding photography.

The date to enter by has been extended to 18th May at 6pm. Entry involves using our @tkins online software;

  1. going to the 'wedding competition' catalogue
  2. selecting the horizontal or vertical layout,
  3. entering your AIPP membership number,
  4. uploading and paying the entry fee.

Link to rules with update. Link to more information.