Custom iPhone/iPad app album for every photographer...

Who doesn't want that?

Well the crew at Sticky Albums have the product that will allow you to carry your portfolio or pass on a product to your clients that used to cost thousands to make.

All you need to do is sign up for a plan (from $US21 per month), upload your images, and give the client the link to install the album on their mobile device. Currently it is optimised for iOS (iPhone, iPad), but it will work on Android.

The albums work using HTML5, so users will need a internet connection for the install, and if it is a big album, it may need wifi. The end result looks pretty and runs well, StickyAlbums makes it hard to steal the images (but not impossible), and the album can be password protected.

Do remember, there is no cost-effective easy way to archive digital files aside from printing. This is a great 'sneak peak' or 'highlights' tool.

Link to Stickyalbums.