First Adelaide Audio Visual National Exhibiton

The same committee that organizes the bi-annual Adelaide International AVFest has decided to include the 1st Adelaide AV National in the audio visual calendar.

Audio visual sequences are an extension to still photographers enabling them to show a series of images in a slideshow format and also combining music or narration elements to portray a powerful and entertaining story or theme for the viewer.

The committee extend an open invitation to all photography enthusiast to the Adelaide AV National on March 17 2012. For times and venue details please contact Neil Gray 0431704588 or There is a small admission fee for this event which includes the live judging process.

If you have not seen a full production audio visual, you’ll be surprised and amazed with the quality of the photography and production. For examples of audio visuals similar to what you could see, please visit Barry Beckham’s site

We look forward in welcoming you to our exhibition.

Neil Gray

1st Adelaide AV National