Adobe adding value to DNG

DNG format has promised and delivered a lot, while the adoption rate has not been stellar, we find the advantages of DNG format are worth the extra processing power to make the conversion. Here are our reasons:

  1. Smaller RAW files.
  2. Test of a RAW file before it is stored (the conversion process will pick up any failed files before writing to disc, we like the extra interrogation.
  3. Embedding of XMP data. So please to not have those side-car files!
  4. Future proofing, we hope.
  5. Open standard, one day we hope.
Recently with Lightroom4.0 and Photoshop6.0, Adobe has made changes to it's DNG format.  of CNet reviews these new changes:

"Three significant improvements are coming to DNG, two for speed and one for flexibility:

• "Fast-load data," a miniature raw preview image embedded in the file that makes it faster to switch among images in Lightroom's develop module--eight times as fast, according to Tom Hogarty, principal product manager for Lightroom.

• "Tiled" DNG files divided into parts so multicore processors can read and write them faster.

• An option for "lossy" compression to dramatically reduce file size--though because data from the original is lost irretrievably, this option likely will hold appeal only in some scenarios.

"I do believe the DNG...enhancements will encourage more DNG adoption," Hogarty told CNET News. Adobe has added new raw-photo features to its software before, but this time the features apply only to DNG, meaning that those who don't convert their raw photos won't benefit." - Steven Shankland - CNet