Summer School starts today.

Our 2012 Summer School begins today with ~Posing and lighting for portraits

by Norman Weedall

Monday 23rd January 2012, 9.30am – 12.30pm by Norman Weedall Bring a camera if you wish to, but a sketch pad is more useful to note lighting positions and body form.


  • Since the great masters of paint and sculpture, there have been defined posing and lighting techniques that bring the best out of your subject.
  • Learn how to bring out a subjects’ strong points and handle them with confidence.
  • The best posing does not look ‘posed’.
  • Good lighting and posing will cut down your post production time significantly.
  • Norman is trained in classical portrait lighting and posing and has been a professional photographer since the late 1970s when he started Gainsborough studios, Norman has won many awards, and his school of professional photography has produced more “photographic businesses” than any other SA education institution.