AAPP and AIPP join forces!

The Wine Centre 07/06/11

Dale Smith (president of AAPP(SA Div) walked the meeting through the reasons and need to merge the two associations. His presentation was simple and concise outlining the need for professional photographers to promote their trade to the general public.

Mark Zed (president of IAPP (SA Div) outlined the changes in his association over the past few years and stressed the duplication of goals of the two organisations. He said he and Dale had spent many hours on ensuring AAPP members were not disadvantaged. He said he had the full support of the AIPP National Office.

Scott Mossen (of Diamonds) spoke of his efforts to mount a webpage to promote professional photographers, and obtain support from major suppliers. Scott has worked on this proposal for over 18 months, gaining everyones support.

With the two organisations presenting a single front the webpage could give a strong message, and would be supported by the major sponsors. An education program would be set up by for professional photographers and profits from the seminars would go to promoting the webpage to the public.

After a long lively discussion a motion was passed for the AAPP Committee to begin to wind up the AAPP (SA Div) and members to join the AIPP.

John Atkins