A poem from one of our favorite customers, David Brayshaw.

The LetterThe world can be a lonely place For those who work from home. It’s hard to have a smiley face When you’re feeling all alone. So when I checked my mail today I got a nice surprise A letter from Paul Atkins Brought a twinkle to my eyes. I wondered what he had to say It must be something nice He’d chase my sadness clean away And give me some advice. Or maybe he’d be telling me How great my pictures looked Or maybe a dinner invite And the Hilton had been booked. Or maybe I’d been voted Photographer of the year Or maybe a bit of gossip Would be whispered in my ear. I opened up the message Shaking hands and pounding heart And the words that stared up at me Tore my dreams apart. No accolades or invites Or words of love repeated Just a sterile bloody message: “Your order has been completed.” I cried out, “That’s worth shit to me’ I need some bloody company I need to pour my troubles forth I need to feel I’ve got some worth. I need a sympathetic ear I need it now I need it here. My bottom leaks I’m going bald My penis won’t stand up at all My neighbour says I’m in disgrace My wife says I’m a waste of space. I need support, I’m feeling down My spirits are depleted And what do you lot offer me “Your order has been completed.” This message should be delivered In person to my door By John in a string bikini Or a six foot Swedish whore. There should be wine There should be love And roses flung from planes above And acrobats upon the lawn And giant teles showing porn. And every day this banquet Of excess would be repeated And then you’d have the right to say “Your order has been completed!” David Brayshaw