The biggest (in 15 years).

Just prior to Christmas we installed an 8mx4m wall mural in a garage. The images were supplied from some professional motor sport photographers and were about 6-8 mega pixels each. One of the photographs was from a point and shoot with the date needed artworking out.

The design and layout was conjured by Kate Burns Design and the final piece was ripped up from 16ppi in places to 80ppi for overall finishing. It was printed on a wall paper medium and installed by a traditional wall paper specialist.

The result is stunning, even up close.

This, however is not the biggest wall mural we have made. In the mid 1990s we printed a 15mx3m mural on Cibachrome from a single 6x17cm transparency, it was printed in 1mx3m panels and mounted on MDF and joined on site at the Alice Springs Desert Park information centre. Printed entirely be hand, with some of the panels requiring 2 stops of burning in making final exposures around the 4 hour mark! 4 hours of burning and dodging to match the previous panel. Now that was art.

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