Thoughts from PMA2010: Context.

Over these past few days it is becoming clear to me that the trouble some photographers are having in selling their work is that they are not packaging their images in a contextual way. By this I mean, the print alone has lost meaning, it is no longer the currency of images, if you want to move your clients to purchase images from you you need to show them your work in context, that is, you need to show them not only great images, but products that INSPIRE. Look at how Ikea sells furniture, they make up room sets, you visit it and imagine it as your room, you see it all in context. If you want to sell more than a DVD of your work, if you really want to see your work in your clients' lives you must show them awesome products that you can deliver.

It is not good enough to just be a great photographer.

There is more margin in products that your competition does not offer, being unique in what you offer can be your point of difference that will free you up from being a commodity that is bargained for down to the lowest price.

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