Where's Wally?

By the volume of emails containing "hey tomorrow, can you.....", I can tell that many people do not know that I am currently in Las Vegas attending the PMA09 (Photo Marketing Association's annual international conference). I have attended PMA sporadically since I was 18, and I have found it is always a great "barometer" of our industry. keynote-youthandphotographyjpg This photo will give you a rough idea of the numbers of people that attend this show, it is in the 10,000 plus category.

In this session, Dr Glenn Omura is backing up his wide ranging research on how the youth of tomorrow values and uses photography by running a blind, live survey of 8 high school students. The out come....Photography is a highly valued and core activity, and that women typically place higher importance on it than men.

Dr Glenn has been market researching for our industry for many years, in past years he identified and defined Jennifer as the target market for our industry.

If you add to these findings the ever increasing numbers of photos being taken, you can deduce that the industry is heading for better times.

Another piece of interesting News from PMA is the release of Nikon's Capture NX2. I have never supported using manufacturers' software for handling their files because in the past the interfaces have been clumsy and slow. My mantra has been 'let the camera makers make cameras and the software makers make software'. But now this new offering from Nikon makes you sit up. I think it may threaten Lightroom/Capture One/ACR/etc if they open it up to other raw formats aside from Nikon's .NEF, and they may.

The reason behind my opinion is that Capture NX2 gives you very elegant and very very fast Photoshop-level controls for RAW files. Think about this; deep masking, retouching, adjusting all saved in meta data. All reversable, all at lightning pace and batchable. Probably it's most interesting feature is Nikon's elegant re-thinking of how you go about making adjustments, Nikon offeres "control points" as the tool.

I must head back off to an 8am session on book binding, then to a Keynote on "Thinking through disruptive technologies", then off to the trade show floor to interrogate the 100's of interesting exhibitors. Cheers, Paul Atkins.