Marketing Mastery

Mitche Graf, world renowned photographer and speaker provides some amazingly simple and effective ideas to shove your businesses sales along. AIPP's monthly newsletter, "The Working Pro" has a great artical in the May'08 issue by Mitche (another reason to be a member of the AIPP!).

Mitche talks about creating gift vouchers that you pass onto suitable businesses, suitable being those that attract the kind of customer you need. For example, you sell expensive portraits to wealthy young families, so give vouchers to your local Mercedes dealer to give to new car buyers.

Ensure the vouchers have an expiry date, and a value that will be attractive to the dealer (it will help nudge buyers closer to buying), and to the potential client.

Simple and elegant. Cheers Paul.

To read more, get a copy of "The Working Pro" (AIPP)

Mitche Graf's website "Powermarketing101"