Making custom hard cover books

Custom hard cover bookA custom hard cover book is a book that has an image that wraps over the front and back cover.

Those of you who want to design your books in TDA, Proselect, Photoshop etc need to consider the cover carefully. If you take a typical hardcover book and open the cover out and inspect how it is created you will find the one printed image wraps across both covers, the spine and around to the inside, in fact that inside wrap needs to be about 2.5cm!

 So imagine unravelling that print to help you plan your cover. Here are the steps to planning the cover:

1. note your page size (say 30cm square, 20 pages, 10 leaves)

2. now imagine your two pages side by side as a cover, add 4mm all around to cater for the fact that the cover is always bigger than the book block, plus the 25mm that wraps around the inside of the cover

3. add 12mm to the length for each hinge

4. add 6mm to the length for a smallish spine (this will vary with more pages)

Now think how big that cover image needs to be (35.8cm x 68.8cm), and how much of the image will wrap around, so be careful that you keep critical detail off those edges! Cheers, Paul 

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