Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Beta available.

So what has this marvellous program got in store for us; post crop vignetting, burning and dodging, panoramic handling, enhancements to keywording, etc etc! This is important stuff, the way Lightroom works is that it leaves the original file untouched but builds a set of instruction to apply to the file when it is exported (run out as jpeg or printed). This will mean faster editing (time you spend in front of the box), and more chances to undo the previously undo-able.

 But let's face it, this will remove the need for photoshop for many photographers, and if you add lightroom's little bag of tricks for organising and managing your images, we have a hugely useful program. The future may be here!

For those of us who like to tread carefully and not run Beta software, Lightroom 1.4 is available for download. Cheers, Paul.

Link to Adobe's press release

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