Right white balance? - more from PMA 2008

As a lab we are happy to bend the colour of your digital images to an acceptable standard, it is one of our key products, but I must say that nothing looks as good as an image that is carefully created. We cannot make dirt into dessert!
Now as digital photographers you have an extra task to get right as you are shooting...the white balance (WB). Those of you shooting RAW can relax a little, as you can adjust the WB later in post processing (if you want to spend that extra time in front of a computer), but those of you shooting Jpeg MUST get the WB right in camera.
If you add poor exposure, to no fill flash then muck up the WB, you have a recepie for a yucky digital file that cannot be "fixed" satisfactorily.
Phoxle have come up with WB tools that can really change the look of your images, they will help set the WB of your camera  and allow you to match in the fill-flash WB. The results are astounding. We will be running a seminar shortly demonstrating these techniques, keep an eye on our site for the details. Cheers,  Paul

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