Is Nikon the new Canon ?- more PMA news.

Nikon D3 When Canon released the 1ds series and Nikon were floundering with the D2 (in comparison) I witnessed some die hard Nikon shooters go over to Canon, and I distinctly remember saying Nikon will be dead if they don't sort something out. What we were seeing in the lab with Canon's mighty 1ds series caused me to encourage many pro photographers to migrate over to Canon. Now I am eating my words. The Nikon D3 and D300 are an amazing pair, their high ISO performance is equal if not better then Canon, and those shooters out there will know that low noise is more important than mega-pixels.
The Canon is still a force to be reckoned with, it is loaded with features and feels great in the hand, but the Nikons, thankfully are back in the competition, and look like they are winning the all important ISO sensitivity war.
I suggest you hop on to Flikr into their Nikon D3 group to review a huge collection of photos taken by a great cross section of Nikonians. One comment by an owner can be paraphrased like this: I can now take photos in conditions that my eyes are having difficulty seeing in. Link to Flikr.
Cheers, Paul

dpreview Nikon D3
dpreview Nikon D300

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