Hi from PMA Vegas!

Paul at PMA ‘08

Hi from PMA Las Vegas, I'm over here with Kate, the kids are fending for themselves at home.

PMA 2008 has been fantastic, clear trends towards photo books and a greater variety of uses for images. I have never seen more new print media and display systems. Dry (inkjet/dyesublimation) full production lab machines are in in strength with Kodak and HP leading the way.

New Eye-Fi SD media cards with built in wireless! Now that is miniature, a 2gb card and wireless circuitry!

Amazing new camera bags from Crumpler (full suitcase bags with wheels), specialty Leica models (I am still drooling), and much more new camera equipment then I can summarise.

Most interesting of all is the strong sense of direction the industry now has, the US economy is worrying some, but by no means was the issue obvious.

Catch up soon, Paul Atkins.

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