Atkins Shoot Tool - a photographers' tool

Atkins has developed it's own software; Shoot Tool, to assist photographers in taking orders at events and organising naming on group photos. The software runs on an iPad, and can customised for each application.

The software has been used successfully in these situations:

  • School photography
  • Santa photos
  • Photo Booths at conferences

Shoot Tool will save you hours of post processing and entering of orders. We customise the application for your need including your branding, the packages you want printed etc. The workflow might look like this:

The software is used to organise the order of people in group photos and siblings and individuals and manage the orders made for photos and communicate that and the chosen images to production. The software will produce a the group photo layouts with logos etc allowing for customised pre-arranged designs. It runs on the midsized iPad which you’d need to supply.

The forward was developed by Paul Atkins and it continually being updated. Paul is not a professional software developer, but it has been used for many years now by several photographers successfully in small to midsize schools and teams and recently, a large private school has been photographed using it running in four separate shoot booths and four ipads.

The intention of the design is to make the back end mess of group photography easy for operators.

This is the workflow roughly explained:

  1. The photographer and Atkins agree on packages and designs of layouts and pricing etc.
  2. Each group/team/school may need new designs. that is fine, we have a new layout fee.
  3. Within a few days of the shoot you provide us with a spreadsheet formatted with the relevant data in the columns we need them in. The accuracy of the data is pretty critical, it can be edited after, but clean in is clean out.
  4. We provide the data file back in the software
  5. You enter orders pre or post shoot
  6. You sync the software counter with your camera counter.
  7. You use the application by finding the particular group in the software, set up the group of people in front of you to look visually appealing, then either before you shoot, or using an assistant during the shoot or using a jpeg after the shoot you tap on the names that go in back middle and front row (or whatever) to set the order.
  8. You tap on the counter button to record as you go how many frames were taken on each set up.
  9. During the day you can edit the data if needed, take notes etc
  10. Post shoot you choose the jpegs using whatever software you use.
  11. You use our software to mark which jpeg number is the chosen one for whatever photo. This is a critical step, jpeg number must match in software to jpeg files for it all to work.
  12. You make any changes to the data/orders/whatever
  13. You hit the transmit button in the software, you then also send in the jpegs via ftp/dropbox/whatever
  14. We put the data on a server for you to continue tweaking as needed remotely, and when you are content it is all as accurate as possible, you let us know.
  15. We sync it all up, do final colour corrections, send group proofs as jpegs for checking
  16. With the ok, we print the orders as agreed
  17. Pack to whatever level you wish us to, from individual bags with labels per order to piles of photos in order (with back printing), or even post directly to the end client.
  18. Rinse and repeat.

Shoot Tool is free for events where the more than $500 worth of prints will be printed from the event. For smaller events, an fee will be apply.

To enquire, click here.

What have we done...

atkins final front signage The past 20 years has seen the rise of a new paradigm in photography. This shift to a world of mostly digital data has not been good for the photo lab industry, nor has it been good for professional photographers. Since the mid 1990s we have been wrestling with these changes, and riding a decline in our business, but only addressing it in a superficial way.

In 2013 we took a deep introspective look at where we were with help from a business review from a Federal Government agency charged with assisting small to medium sized manufacturers. Pleasingly so, we passed all of their requirements and was rated as a business with potential. Which when your world is mostly filled with unsatifying financial reports and huddling inside your industry, was a great lift emotionally. We do love what we do, and believe in it, and to have outsiders recognise this was a relief.

Out of this review, we were invited to attend a "customer led innovation" six month long course where the deep naval gazing happened. It was here, under the guidance of Professor Sam Buccolo that we dug down to realise at the core, we run this business because we believe in the power of photographic record. We are in this because we love the photography that marks our world, and we want to help others who feel the same. We run this business for pictures that matter.

We want to connect people with photographers who can capture those critical subjects or moments, we want to help people identify those important pictures from peoples' own collection, we want to help print them to suit their purpose, we want to help people personally archive their pictures for generations.

So what did we do? We built a show room where we demonstrate photographs being used in different places as decor, we have built a room to design albums and collections to tell stories, we have archival storage systems for both digital data and prints. We have build a meeting place for our professional clients where they can come and be inspired and inspire us. We have put our photographic history front and centre in many ways, we are trumpeting as loudly as we can why we are in business, because we believe we are not alone in this affair. People value their own sense of history, and photography is the best way to record it.

The new website is under construction, new pricing is coming to suit the new products and packages. We are making albums on site, we are personalising USB flash drives on site, essentially we are fitting our products and systems around our customers.

So much is happening and there's more to come. We are in this industry for the long term, we love it, we live it and we want to help others, professionals or passionates (or both).

The opening this week was just stage one of our changes. We hope you will talk with us, tell us what you think, what you like, what you need, and come along with us on our journey. Our business,  is about so much more than earning a dollar and we want to build something really strong for our future and yours.

Atkins front signage pro end

Atkins front signage

Atkins Pro shop

Atkins Pro shop

Atkins Retail Shop

Atkins Retail Shop

Atkins staff uniforms

From your Phone Wall

Wedding and From your Phone wall

Party at Atkins!

Atkins Party You are invited to a special event at Atkins, we will be unveiling the next step in our 78 year history.

We hope you will come along to help us celebrate the start of something beautiful and the honouring of our past.

Our launch season theme is Summer, thongs, shorts and summery dresses are welcome.

Thursday October 23rd 7pm 89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town, SA 08 8431 6755

To book, click here:


Port Noarlunga Expo
2013 Expo

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of October the arts centre at Gawler St, Port Noarlunga is once again the venue for the Annual Photography Expo.

Last year was a great success, and 2014 promises to be no exception. This is your opportunity to meet the professionals in retail and photographic services, and to view the stunning images on display, including black and white fine art prints, portraiture, underwater photography, digital art, and wonderful scenes from Australia and beyond, all by South Australian photographers.

Special emphasis this year will be on providing a forum for visitors to listen, watch, and learn, and in some instances gain hands on experience.

Entry is free, with ample parking and light refreshments available, with easy access for the elderly or disabled. It offers you an excellent opportunity to hone your skills and to enjoy your camera!

Where: Arts centre at Gawler St, Port Noarlunga When: Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of October Cost: Free
MainPaul AtkinsComment
Shoot the Architect

Aaron Schlintler As part of the Festival of Architecture and Design (FAD), the organisers have set up a photographic competition to engage photographers with architects.

Shoot a portrait of a South Australian Registered Architect utilising photographic skill, artistic merit and playful imagination. Entry fee is $35 per image with a maximum of three images per photographer.

An exhibition of entries will be displayed at the Festival Hub from Saturday 11 October and winners will be announced at the Festival Closing Party on Tuesday 14 October.

Thanks to Diamonds Camera the winner will receive: Ticket to Barossa Experience with Nick Rains, 2014 AIPP APPA Travel Photographer of the Year. 500 Hire Voucher. Plus: A1 board of winning entry displayed in the front window of the SA Chapter, 100 Flinders Street, Adelaide and will be Featured in print in PLACE Magazine, December edition.

Entries will be judged by: Max Pritchard, Architect Paul Atkins, State President of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Aaron Schintler, 'Shoot The Architect' SA Chapter Event Leader Leah Salamon, FAD Executive Team Member

To enter: Click here. Entries close: Thursday October 9th 2014 Cost: $35

Epson Pano Award winners

Overall Open Winner - The Sunshine Skyway Bridge St Petersburg Florida - Dennis Ramos This year the competition received 3971 entries from 870 photographers in 54 countries. The fifth Epson International Pano Awards is dedicated to the art of panoramic photography. Advances in digital photography and editing software has resulted in a surge in the popularity of image stitching, especially in the panoramic format. Panoramic film photography also remains alive and well. The Epson International Pano Awards showcases the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and is the largest competition for panoramic photography.

The overall winner of the 2014 Open competition is Dennis Ramos from the USA. His winning image is also first in the Open – Built Environment category. Dennis says, ‘It was a beautiful cloudless day with some patches of rolling fog over the bridge. My friend and I decided to go fishing that mid afternoon. I found out that my reel wasn't working so I grabbed my camera gear instead. I took a lot of shots around including this long exposure panoramic shot of the bridge. It took me a lot of time waiting and shooting in between the fog to get a good exposure. While waiting during long exposure times, I wished I had my fishing rod as well.’

Other place-getters in the Open competition are; Marcio Cabral – Open/Nature 2nd place Timo Lieber – Open/Nature 3rd place (Timo was also the 2013 Photographer of the Year) Will Dielenberg – Open/Nature 4th place Denis Gadbois – Open/Built Environment 2nd place, Highest Scoring Spherical/360 Image, Highest Scoring IAPP Member Marco Castelli – Open/Built Environment 3rd place Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji - Open/Built Environment 4th place, Highest Scoring HDR Image Douglas Peebles – Highest Scoring Image from Film Capture Alexander Vershinin – Highest Scoring Gigapixel Image

For more information and to see all of the winners, click here.

Pitcher this, Saturday night

Shimmer Logo 2014 image001

This Saturday night at the Port Noarlunga Art Centre, the Pitcher event gets underway. Come along and hear these artists pitch to win the door prize to help make their project a reality.

Gary Cockburn Tony Kearney and Dani McLean Max Magain Steph Fuller Tony Redhead Andrew Delaine Kylie Macey Kat Coppock Gee Greenslade Alice Blanch

At the PITCHER This, the audience of up to 200 pays $10.00 per ticket, the audience votes, the project/artist with the most votes wins the amount of money made at the door through ticket sales! It is that easy.
Where: The Arts Centre, 22 Gawler Street, Port Noarlunga
When: Saturday 20 September, 7–10pm
Cost: $10
Booking: Just turn up!
Canon AIPP APPA awards on now!

judging-scheduleThe AIPP's national professional photography awards are up and running here in Sydney. If you have an interest in learning more about photography, this is an excellent opportunity. The judging process is very interesting, it involves five specialist photographers putting a score form 50 to 100, the average becomes the score. Any judge(s) that vary 5 points or more from the average get the opportunity to challenge the score. A variation of more than 10 is an automatic challenge.

The challenges are where the magic happens, so take the time over the next three days to immerse yourself in some of the best photography in Australia.

If you cannot be in Sydney for the event, it is being Live Streamed at the link below:

There are four judging rooms, so take your pick, check out the schedule here to determine what you want to watch!


RRP: Work From the Light Gallery Committee

rrp_invitation_finaleditThis exhibition showcases work by the devoted team of volunteers who ensure the smooth running of The Light Gallery, a space dedicated to the medium of photography.

Every couple of years this ragtag bunch have the tables turned on us, and we put on our own show. Each one of us has put our heart and soul into making some really cool work.

You can expect to see a broad range of techniques and concepts. Old school tintypes (expertly crafted), urban triptychs, layered transparencies, investigations of what 'value' is, commentary on gender and culture, modern landscapes, and a pop-art throwback.

Finally, why RRP? It's a comment on the commodification of art, including photography, which we love and treasure. Or maybe it's a subliminal cue to make you buy art.

Join us on Friday 5 September from 6pm to find out.

When:Friday 5 September to Saturday 4 October
Where: The Light Gallery, 138 Richmond Road, Marleston, SACost: $0

For more information, click here.

Atkins are proud supporters of the Light Gallery and the Centre for Creative Photography.

The story of "A Day in the Life of Grange"

Milton Wordley Shimmer This Saturday night at 7pm Milton Wordely has been invited to talk about the making of 'The Grange Book’. The book is exquisite, and the story behind it worth hearing.

In Milton's own words:

"I’m not expecting you to come. However I thought I should let a few people know, just in case in a fit of madness you (or anyone you know who might like to come) may have thought of self publishing a book.

It’s been quite a journey, and If as i mentioned, you have ever thought of self publishing it will be quite an interesting night.

Shimmer is in it’s 3d year and quite a celebration of Photography.  (Fellow speaker) Gary Cockburn is talking that night , I look forward to seeing some more of his documentary photography ."

Where: Arts Centre, 22 Gawler Street, Port Noarlunga When: Saturday September 6th 2014, from 7pm Cost: Free

Alice Blanch's Box Brownie Landscapes

Box_Bownie_Landscape_FlyerThis Sunday the 7th of September head down to Oliver's Taranga in McLaren Vale for the opening of Alice Blanch's new body of work,"Box Brownie Landscapes" Opening is from 1.30- 4pm, some drinks and nibbles provided.

The Box Brownie Landscape series depicts the Australian landscape in its raw state. The series embraces the moods and textures of the landscape rather than specific geographic details of each location. By highlighting these ephemeral elements in the landscape the resulting images are filled with ambiguity and emotion. The photographs in this series were all captured at various locations around Australia in a 1940’s Box Brownie camera on black and white 120 film.

Exhibition runs until the 30th of October.

High speed flash sync workshop with US photographer Tom Bol.

This class is for intermediate and advanced photographers who want to learn innovative ways to photograph action.

Tom has been a leader in using new flash technology like Hypersync and strobic flash, and these techniques have opened new creative possibilities in action photography.

Tom will demonstrate what goes into creating a dramatic action image, not only how to freeze the action but also techniques to create motion sequences. He will show you how to go beyond the typical sync speed of 1/250, and how to use Elinchrom studio lights on location at 1/8000.

The class will start with lectures in the morning covering topics such high speed sync, Hypersync, strobic flash, photographing water sports and sequence shooting. Participants will have the chance to shoot the new Elinchrom ELC flashes that can fire at 20 frames a second.

Where: Red Poles Gallery & Restaurant, McMurtrie Rd, McLaren Vale SA 5171 When: Wednesday 17th September 2014, 9am-5:30pm Cost: $295
Booking and more information, click here.
LIGHT is opening.

Atkins LIGHT Invitation 03 In 2011, we approached our clients to put together a joint exhibition that could travel to one of Australia’s most important art festivals. By 2013, we were ready for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB).

For the BIFB we staged the successful DARK exhibition, drawing a lot of interest with a strong collection. From this showing, the idea was cemented, and for some members, the first rung in the ladder was struck on their climb as exhibiting photographers.

Upon returning from the BIFB, the show had jagged the attention of the Adelaide Town Hall, who were just transitioning a space into a dedicated public art venue. DARK was enlarged allowing all artists to submit more work, and rehung for several months, in this remarkable space.

From this success, we made the call to be a part of the 2014 Shimmer Photographic Festival here in South Australia's Southern Vales. Our new show is called LIGHT, and it is being held at the Red Poles Gallery.

We cherish our involvement with artists in photography. It’s become a passion for all parts of our business. We are a pro lab, so we deal with many businesses, dealing with artists is a different experience. However, for us, we are in the business of building relationships. We don’t just print the work, we want to know the intention of the artist, their vision, and we will not rest until it is achieved to the highest level of perfection. We are proud to present this collective of Adelaide Photographic Artists. Each one has a fascinating story, each one on their own journey.


More than any definition of the word, it is the feeling that impresses me. When I think of "light", I feel the warmth of a morning sunrise reaching into my bones, filling me with energy. It is that fullness that I enjoy so much.

Of course without light, there is nothing to see, and certainly no photographs. But "light" here in the exhibition title, is the story of this energy, how it moves us, how it fools us, how it fills us, how it is our everything.

Where: Red Poles Gallery. McMurtrie Road, McLaren Vale SA When: Opening, Saturday August 30 2014 at 3pm. Then through until October 12th Cost: Free

LIGHT has been reviewed by Haydn Radford of Weekend Notes:

Change to our Payment Terms and Conditions

As a part of the ongoing restructuring Atkins, we have decided to move to prepayment of jobs where possible. The decision was based on these two problems faced when running a small custom manufacturing facility, or professional photo lab.

  1. A percentage of orders are not being picked up.
  2. We cannot resell the materials used.

We do offer a money back guarantee, and a long trading history indicating we please our clients.

One of the unexpected benefits of this move has been the clarification of the orders before production begins. We deal with a lot of complex orders, often resulting in phone calls along the way, because payment is now brought forward, these questions are being sorted immediately.

In some circumstances, where work cannot be costed up front, we will ask for a deposit before commencing the order.

If you wish to look at our Terms and Conditions, follow this link.

You will notice more changing over this next year, one of the key tweaks will be the separation of our 'professional' or ABN registered clients. If you are a professional photographer, and have are a registered ABN holder, please let us know but filling out the form at this link.

Keep an eye out for these changes and let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better.

APPA printing

APPA Deadline 2014The AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards entry deadline is 21st of August, 5pm, Eastern Time Zone. This is for the entry and upload of digital image files.

Mounted and matted prints need to be in NSW by the 29th of August at 5.00pm

This awards cycle we have reduced our production times to help you, we will be working long hours to see the work looks it's best. Our new awards production deadlines are:

  • August 18th for files needing manipulation.
  • August 22nd for files ready to print.
Email or call 08 8431 6755 to arrange the printing of your award image.