Awards and assessment printing 2019

Jusding at State Print Awards (SAPPAs).jpg

Our printing services are often called on upon to help photographers being assessed in either competitions or academic grading.

Without being told the purpose of the prints we are making, we will always do our best to make sure the prints look their best. Some assessors may see this as an unfair advantage, but other than the cost of our services, we are not exclusive, therefore will help anyone that approaches. It is up to the person engaging us to adhere to the rules, we can only question that person, we cannot be responsible.

We are familiar with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography’s (AIPP’s) rules, and they are clear that we cannot improve an image without guidance from the photographer that authored the image. Therefore, we will make suggestions in the same manner as if one entrant approached another for advice. We cannot make improvements without being guided to do so.

AIPP Awards services 2019:

  1. One-on-one preparation session with David or Miriam.
    If you wish to book time with one of our experts to plan and print your awards entries, their time can be booked in 15 minute sessions. The cost is $40 per 15 minutes. Add to this cost the direct print mount and matt cost of around $84 per entry.

  2. Direct print, mount and matt.
    This process bypasses our artwork and file preparation, and we simply print and mount your entry to your specifications. The price per entry varies depending on the image size, paper type and matting complexity, however a typical entry printed on art paper mounted and matted to specification, will cost around $84.