Photography in the connected world - a presentation to the Queen Adelaide Club

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Photos are the ‘Lingua Franca’ of the modern world. Nothing works so well communicating where we are and how we feel, and more importantly, they become a time travel device when we are dipping into our past. Now in 2018, we have some of the best tools at hand to make this easy, but these leave a lot of questions.

Paul Atkins will present to the Queen Adelaide Club about how you can use the Apple Photos tools (iPhone, iPad and Mac) and what is the best way forward with printing, and displaying photos at this time to ensure you are speaking the Lingua Franca, and leaving a sensible legacy of photos for your family and friends.

Paul runs Atkins Photo Lab, and 82 year old family business with his wife Kate. The Atkins family have been working with photography for three generations, and navigated every change with success.

Where: Queen Adelaide Club, 6 Stephens Place, Adelaide South Aiustralian
When: August 24th, morning.
Bookings: Contact the Queen Adelaide Club by email.
What to bring: You are welcome to bring your Apple device (iPad or iPhone), just make sure it is updated to the latest software Apple offers.