Landscape photography with James Fitzroy


Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing a landscape photography retreat/adventure with James Fitzroy. I thought it was going to be a bit of a squeeze hitting the Flinders Ranges with only one overnight stay, but it was wonderful.

We didn't do the typical Flinders locations, instead we travelled the back roads, stopping at ruins and sidings, we saw some of the most beautiful country. James showed me a different kind of landscape.

A night in the swags (-mahal) at a creek side bush camp, fed a glorious dinner, backed up by the best lightshow courtesy of the Milky Way. I woke to a breakfast for kings following the best sleep in weeks.

James didn't turn me into a Peter Eastway, not even Peter could do that! But he facilitated an amazing experience. He made it easy and left me wanting to return. James is offering these private tailored tours professionally for one or two guests, and I'd highly recommend it!