Atkins Album Covering Materials


We have a wide range of album covering materials and our two pure leather hide ranges can be selected from for Unbound Swathed Albums as well. Have a look below at our specific ranges. Please remember these are photos and the if the exact colour is critical please order a sample. 


1. Darkest brown leather
2. Super matte camel
3. Natural vintage brown
4. Satin metallic brown
5. Super matte choc brown

1. Pearl metallic linen
2. Glorious gold linen
3. Chic metallic beige
4. Chic metallic pearl
5. Natural raw linen

1. Pewter metallic linen
2. Cotton linen grey
3. Chic metallic silver
4. Clean mid grey
5. Silver metallic linen


1. Satin metallic steel black
2. Simple black linen
3. Natural black leather
4. Best über matte black
5. Rustic black

Rugged Pure Leather Hides (choose for Unbound Albums)
1. Black
2. Wine
3. Vintage
4. Walnut
5. Burnt Caramel

Fine Pure Leather Hides (choose for Unbound Albums)
1. Mark's Navy
2. Grey Latte
3. Perfect Neutral
4. Creamed Butter
5. Pure White