Thank you so much for being a part of Ashley and Megan's Florography workshop at The School, I certainly had a great time, and was blown away at the work you produced.

Special Offer
I just wanted to remind you that we offered each attendee a 25% off the first order with Atkins. To make use of this, just phone (08 8431 6755) or email ( us and mention you are an attendee and have the offer, we need to know upfront, when you place your order.

Paper Type
We produce many kinds of print products, which you can explore on the above "Products" and "Services" menu, but what I printed for you at Ashely's workshop were Fine Art Prints on Smooth Cotton Paper. Here at Atkins we use the Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper, and we call it Smooth Cotton. We do offer a textured version of the Cotton paper. and a large range of other papers and fabrics you may wish to explore

We also advise on ordering a finished product, that is one in a frame or mounted ready to hang. Why? The Fine Art Prints are really delicate, and handling will damage the print, We can also spray coat the Fine Art Prints for added durability, if you were to use your own framer. Ordering your prints sprayed will help with the durability, but they are still delicate.

Printing with Atkins
New clients often have concerns about resolution, colour and density, we are happy to chat about this on the phone and do testing if needed. The aim is for you to feel comfortable with us and you can order when you want with confidence. We do have downloadable ordering software which is ideal when you are confident with the system, her his the link to it: Software. The best way to get started is to email or phone us and we can get it all rolling for you.

Go forth and create!

Paul Atkins

Kate, Paul, Josephine and Elizabeth Atkins

Kate, Paul, Josephine and Elizabeth Atkins