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Business Models notes - Summer School 2014

Value propositions....? Stuart Davis' Business Models session was well attended and set a challenge for attendees, perhaps too great a challenge for one morning.

Formally modelling your business and using these techniques to explore new business ideas is the best way to stretch out and grow your enterprise.

Stuart has provided these useful links to support his presentation:

Business Model Canvas –

Milkshake Story - Clayton Christensen -

Human Zoo (skip to 12mins) - Dr Carla Litchfield -

To download Stuart's presentation notes, click here.

Clipsal traffic.

To all those Adelaideans struggling to get around the Clipsal 500 circuit that is splitting our city in more ways than one: The traffic over here on the eastern side is fine, the big roundabout is now a T-junction, and traffic flows well after 9.30am and before 4pm, actually it is a breeze, easier than normal to access and park.

I think the bark of the Clipsal is worse than it's bite.

If you wish to use our car park over the weekend, please contact us and ask, we are offering parking at no cost, but you MUST ask us first.

Call on 08 8431 6755.

Summer School challenges
What a Summer School, with record attendance and pretty deep engagement, I think it was the best yet. Over the next few weeks I will be producing the notes from the sessions in the form of posts here, so keep an eye on this space.

To those that participated; thank you for rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty!

Social Media Shortcuts - Summer School 2014

Social Media IconsSocial media is a minefield for your attention. It can be extremely helpful for your professional life, and lots of fun for your personal life. How can you make it easier for yourself, how can you gain the attention for your services and still live in the 'real' world. This Friday the first session of the 2014 Atkins Summer School begins at 9.30am, 89 Fullarton Road Kent Town. Cost is $25. To book, click here.

For more information o the other four Summer School sessions, including Lightroom Basics, Digital Photographer Workflow, Photography Business Models and The Film Challenge, click here.

@tkins online update


Atkins online - new look


From Tuesday January 14th 2014, the @tkins online ordering software is being updated, the update will be rolled out over a few days.  The update is essentially visual, but it introduces some nice new features:

New Features:

  1.  All in one window design - more logical and easier on the eye.
  2. Favourites - a holding place for your favourite products.
  3. Direct ship option - we can send the order to a third party for you.
  4. Scheduled sending - you can schedule your order to send at anytime.
  5. "Sandbox install" - if you are on a Mac and have had troubles installing and running the software, we can send you a special installer.

How to upgrade?

At sometime in the next few days, when you launch the software the upgrade will happen automatically.

You may need to 'clear your cache' from the new software's "diagnostic tools" window if the upgrade was not smooth. Call us on 08 8431 6755 or watch the below video for more information.

What has changed? - here are some of the main changes:

  1. Special instructions are now an order option called "Order Instructions".
  2. "Combined Shipping" is also and order option.
  3. Crop or fit option is a floating dialogue box that is activated by clicking on the product window once you have selected a product and it is in the centre pane.
  4. Placing an order is a step by step wizard now.
  5. The Promo Code is bottom centre of the new "Shopping Cart"
  6. To clear caches and preferences , there is an area on the home screen called "Diagnostic Tools".

We hope you enjoy the improvements that have been made. The ROES team in the USA have been working on this for quite sometime, we think it is a step in the right direction!

Atkins Summer School is underway.

Atkins_workflowseminar_0161Over the next five working days, we offer a series of short courses presented by working members of the industry. The objective is to provide attendees with a head start down the correct path for their area of interest. Our Summer School is not accredited, and is not a thorough in-depth course, but you will find it enormous value. A great way to kick start 2013.

Cost to attend is $20 per session, payable when booking. Register here.

  1. Basic Photoshop - Friday, January 25th, 9.30am - 12.30pm (Finished)
  2. Managing large quantities of digital images - Tuesday, January 29th, 9.30am - 12.30pm (Finished)
  3. What does it take to run a successful, profitable business in professional photography? - Wednesday, January 3oth, 9.30am - 12.30pm (Finished)
  4. Photoshop for printing - Thursday, January 31st, 9.30am - 12.30pm (Finished)
  5. Wedding photography business models - Friday, February 1st, 9.30am - 12.30pm (Finished - Audio available, click here)
For full details and registration, click here.
Another Lightroom Tip from the Summer School

Tethered capture is a fantastic tool, it can really speed up your workflow, and for some types of shooting it will allow your client to view as you shoot. In Lightroom3, just go to the "File" menu and choose "Tethered Capture" to set it up, then as you shoot it will bring the images over to your computer and apply presets and tag. Below is a list of currently supported cameras.

• EOS 5D
• EOS 5D Mark II
• EOS 1D Mark II
• EOS 1Ds Mark II
• EOS 1D Mark III
• EOS 1Ds Mark III
• EOS 1D Mark IV
• EOS 7D
• EOS 500D (Rebel T1I(EOS /Kiss X3 Digital)
• EOS 450D (Rebel XSI/EOS Kiss X2)
• EOS 1000D (Rebel XS/EOS Kiss F)
• EOS 350D (Rebel XT/EOS Kiss Digital N)
• EOS 400D (Rebel XTi/EOS Kiss Digital X)
• EOS 20D
• EOS 30D
• EOS 40D
• EOS 50D
• D3
• D3s
• D3x
• D90
• D200
• D300
• D300s
• D700
• D5000
Leica S2 (Lightroom 3.2). Not supported on Windows XP.

Canon • EOS 5D • EOS 5D Mark II • EOS 1D Mark II • EOS 1Ds Mark II • EOS 1D Mark III • EOS 1Ds Mark III • EOS 1D Mark IV • EOS 7D • EOS 500D (Rebel T1I(EOS /Kiss X3 Digital) • EOS 450D (Rebel XSI/EOS Kiss X2) • EOS 1000D (Rebel XS/EOS Kiss F) • EOS 350D (Rebel XT/EOS Kiss Digital N) • EOS 400D (Rebel XTi/EOS Kiss Digital X) • EOS 20D • EOS 30D • EOS 40D • EOS 50DNikon • D3 • D3s • D3x • D90 • D200 • D300 • D300s • D700 • D5000Leica S2 (Lightroom 3.2). Not supported on Windows XP.