Shoot Tool - photographers' tool

Shoot Tool photography software Atkins has developed it's own software; Shoot Tool, to assist photographers in taking orders at events and organising naming on group photos. The software runs on an iPad, and can customised for each application.

The software has been used successfully in these situations:

  • School photography
  • Santa photos
  • Photo Booths at conferences

Shoot Tool will save you hours of post processing and entering of orders. We customise the application for your need including your branding, the packages you want printed etc. The workflow might look like this:

  1. You use the software at the event, once over, you upload the images and the data file from the software
  2. We colour correct and print the agreed upon packages and ship to the client or back to you, packaged ready to deliver

Shoot Tool is free for events where the more than $500 worth of prints will be printed from the event. For smaller events, an attractive fee will be apply.

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