SAPPA 2014 printing

Judging at the 2011 SAPPAs
Judging at the 2011 SAPPAs

The 2014 Epson SA Professional Photographic awards are coming up this June. Because of this earlier-than-usual date, we are concerned that there will be enough time to produce your entries.

Our fine art department are making times available on Tuesdays and Thursdays if you want to meet with David or Miriam as a part of the preparation. There is a cost associated with these consults and testing, so please be prepared.

This year, instead of our normal 4 for the price of 3 special, we are offering the linear meter rate for any order of five or more prints sized at 400x500mm, this can be a better saving.

Please email our counter crew to book in your time because the slots are filling up, and more time allows for a better entry. Ideally we need 10 days for production. Below are a summary of the print requirements, please note, some requirements have changed.

>Contemporary Photographic Art category (CPA) entries are being hung June 13th at the Light Gallery and judged on June 14th, and will require labels and an artist statement without your name on it to hang for judging, and a version with your name for the month-long exhibition.

 Therefore your CPA entry needs to be in production by May 29th, so your meeting with the fine art department needs to be finalised before May 29th.

 >Entries for all other SAPPA categories must be delivered for judging by June 27th.

Therefore your SAPPA entry needs to be in production by June 13th, so your meeting with the fine art department needs to be finalised before June 13th.

>Overall size must be 400x500mm, not 16x20inches.

>Minimum image size is now 260mm on the longest edge, this does not include a border printed or otherwise, this is image only. This used to be 10inches.

>Thickness of print matting and mounting can be no more than 6mm. CPA category entries can be thicker, the rules will explain.

>SAPPA lighting is harsh, and prints need to be darker than usual, we have the lighting to test under and can adjust for this.