At the Hair of the Dog.

Our booth at the HOTD The AIPP's national conference, the Hair of the Dog (HOTD) is in full swing in Brisbane. The HOTD is The Event on beanbags. It is a relaxed opportunity to listen to great speakers and spend time with the industry.

The highlight so far has been Heide Smith's lecture, I met Heide when I was a child and her work has stayed with me, I own several of her books, and to see her speak about her life was a real treat.

Last night we had a gourmet bbq during which a raffle saw prints swapped. Essentially, everyone brings a print, hands it in and receives a ticket, a print is displayed, a ticket is drawn and bingo, you are the proud owner of......a gold award winning print, after thought! I was lucky enough to win a great image by Paul Francis of a group of vikings/normans at a medieval fair.

If you are looking for time immersed in the industry next year, come along to the Hair of the Dog in February 2014.

Entertaining baroque zombies at the gourmet bbq

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